Weekly Workouts: 6/25-7/1

In an effort to hold myself accountable, I’ll be posting my workouts for the upcoming week every Monday. Workouts crossed off were not completed; those in red are substitutes for the original plan.

I started last Monday but never published this post. Here’s what went down last week:

Monday, June 25

P90X Chest / Back / Abs

Tuesday, June 26

3 mile run

Wednesday, June 27

P90X Legs / Back / Abs

Thursday, June 28

3 mile run

Friday, June 29

P90X Arms / Shoulders / Abs

Saturday, June 30

5 mile run

P90X Yoga

Sunday, July 1


Finishing Strong

Oh hey December, where did you come from? Seriously, this year FLEW by!


With the end of 2011 looming on the horizon, I need to set some goals to finish out the year on a high note.

1. MOVE 5x per week. Run 3x, Spin/Elliptical 2x – NO EXCUSES!


2. Attend Thursday night yoga. I used to take this class every week. It was the perfect way to unwind from the work week. Savasana clears my mind and relaxes me.


3. Drink more H2O. In the summer I have no problem drinking 72 ounces of water per day. Once the temperature dips in the fall/winter, I struggle to stay hydrated. I’d much rather drink a hot cup of {dehydrating caffeine} coffee.


4. Limit caffeine consumption. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to quit coffee but I certainly would like to decrease the amount I drink. I’m going to start swapping out my weekday morning cup of joe for a chamomile or green tea. Coffee will be reserved for a weekend treat.


5. Get adequate sleep This goes hand in hand with number 3. The more coffee I consume, the worse off I am when it comes time to hit the hay. Tossing and turning for over an hour before falling asleep just isn’t working for me. Less caffeine = better sleep quality.

6. Eat breakfast regularly I easily lose track of time in the morning at work and before I know it lunch is rolling around. I need to make a habit of walking into work and eating right away. I’m going to set a recurring appointment in Outlook as a reminder.


7. Take my vitamins. Need I say more?

8. Set aside more time for writing. I’ve been working on my novel quite a bit lately and would like to keep that up. In the month of November I hit publish on fifteen blog posts, and would like to hit at least that many in December as well.


9. Surround myself with POSITIVE people.


10. Enjoy the holiday season. This will be the first Christmas Brad and I actually spend together. Crazy, right? Unfortunately neither of us will be able to see our families this year, but at least we will have each other 🙂


All photos via Pinterest

Have you set any goals for the month of December?

One step at a time

I took this evening off from the gym. It was glorious. There is something about a well deserved rest day after a tough run that I really enjoy. I iced my finicky shins and rested my tired legs yesterday, but there was one thing I forgot to do: spend some quality time with my foam roller.


When I awoke this morning, my calves were happily tucked inside their compression sleeves but my quads were neglected and pissed. They hadn’t received nearly enough love yesterday and continued to remind me of that fact all. day. long. I spent some time with Mr. Red after work today, and have another session scheduled before bed.

On the weekly workout goals front, the best way for me to be held accountable is to sing them loud for all to hear:


Too soon for Christmas references? No such thing! Apparently Macy’s has the same thought process – they already had their decorations up this weekend when I was there.

Anyway, here’s my workout plan for the week:


Rest Day


3 mile run + Austin Trash Run


XT (elliptical or bike)


3 mile run + Yoga


XT or Rest Day


8 mile run


XT + IM 70.3 Austin volunteering

Proper tapering? I think so. I’ll recap my progress on Sunday evening.

Is it weird that I’m already thinking about training for a second marathon? I know the first will be tough, but I’m most worried because it’s uncharted territory. I won’t bat an eye or think twice about registering for a half marathon because I’ve completed five. I was even registered for my second before I ran my first. I know the distance, and I know I can finish successfully. I feel like once I cover 26.2, it will feel a tiny bit less daunting. It’s still a marathon after all.

I’ve got my eye on a spring marathon and I’m contemplating throwing my name into the lottery for ING NYC. The only thing drawback to New York is training in the Texas summer again. Ugh. But that race is definitely on my to-do list.

Of course, I still have another goal to accomplish before then: smashing my half marathon PR.

One step at a time.

Confessions: Part Deux

It’s been awhile since my last confessions post, and Michelle’s post yesterday inspired me, so I bring you: part deux!

I am terrible at quitting things.

  • Quitting drinking (had to, while I quit smoking – clearly NOT a long term goal), quitting smoking, quitting coffee. It doesn’t matter what the vice is – I will inevitably be terrible at kicking it. I eliminated coffee back in May, ramped up my workouts, and I had more energy than I had seen in a LONG time. I fell asleep at reasonable hours and was able to get up early with ease. I must quit (or scale way back, at the very least) again. I MUST. 

I haven’t cut/colored my hair since March 4th.

  • Clearly that whole ombre look is coming to me for free, but unintentionally. Holy rats nest. Hair maintenance frequently gets overlooked because I RARELY (as in, once every 3 months) do my hair. My mornings are all about the ‘wake up & go’ mentality. I wash it everyday after the gym, and it’s naturally curly. Blowdrying & straightening would be a serious waste of time, since I’d ruin it with sweat less than 24 hours later. Does my hair need some TLC? Hell yes. Do I want to put out the cash for it? Hell no.

I haven’t ran since last Tuesday.

  • Yup, my shin pain has returned. I’m not sure when it happened, since I was fine post-13 miles on 8/20. But when I tried to make it through my 4 miler two days later, I had to stop at 3 and even that was a struggle. I skipped my Thursday tempo run, Sunday long run, and Tuesday speedwork session. I’ve been filling those days with RPM, which may be my new favorite workout.

photo source

  • Low-impact and you can give it every last ounce of energy you’ve got, leaving on an incredible endorphin high. I felt euphoric on my way home Tuesday night. Kind of how I feel after consuming an entire bottle of wine.

I am having doubts about next month’s marathon.

  • This feeds off the previous confession: injury. I’m trying to take off as many days as possible to heal, without setting myself back endurance-wise. Since the calendar switched over to September today, I’m less than 60 days out from my first 26.2 and I am feeling nervous, anxious, excited, worried. What if I can’t make a comeback? To make it through two months of training and have to come to a screeching halt and defer to 2012 is heartbreaking. I suppose only time will tell.

I bought another pair of running shoes.

  • I announced this on Twitter last week, with a desperate plea for an intervention. Twittervention?  Turns out I’m not the only one with a shoe problem. Anyway, yes, I invested in yet another pair of Brooks.
    photo source
  • I have a 30-day window to return them if they don’t make my shins feel like a million bucks. And just to clarify: I didn’t buy them just because I wanted a new pair. I bought them because my shins suck and I need a pair to make them happy and allow me to run a marathon next month.

What do you need to get off your chest today? Confess!

Workout Goal Success

Our first week back at the gym went incredibly well. We nailed each and every workout we had planned. Tonight after our run and an hour of yoga, we headed to our second home: Target.


Healthy Choice Café Steamers because they were quick and cheap, wine because hello, that’s why we run, and chocolate for dessert.

This wine will of course get a proper review, but for now – if you see it, BUY IT! You will not be disappointed.

A mess of topics

I skipped my 3 mile run tonight, and I’m glad I did. I used to feel guilty when I missed a workout. This afternoon at work I wasn’t in the mood to hit the gym, and rather than force myself into going – I accepted it and moved on. Yes, I would have felt better after a run (how often do you regret working out? Never!) but when my body is saying no, I’ve finally learned how to listen.

Yesterday I brought a giant bag of clothes and two pairs of running shoes to Plato’s Closet to sell.


I heard one of the girls behind the counter remark to a coworker that the clothes were “so nice” and “so dressy” as if that were a bad thing. Noted: only bring in crappy clothes from now on, Plato’s doesn’t care about quality. Retail value for what they ending up buying: $40 dress, $50 shirt, and $175 combined for the two pairs of shoes. Cash they handed me for said items? $15. Fifteen dollars. I was less than pleased, but hey, it’s better than $0.

Tonight after work, in lieu of my run, I headed to Half Price Books with my lofty winnings from Plato’s. This bookstore is evil. Thankfully I already had a book in mind and put my blinders on the second I walked in the front door. I am now the owner of this:


I’ve hit a serious wall on my weight loss journey. I’ve been counting calories, I drink 70-80 ounces of water a day, I quit coffee, I quit Starbucks’ pastries, I quit fast food. I run, I crosstrain, I strength train, I bike, sometimes I do two-a-days. I’m running out of ways to shed the pounds. I contemplated trying Paleo, since several bloggers have been having great success with it. However, I’m not willing to give up greek yogurt, cheese, and a laundry list of other must-avoid foods. A life without goat cheese is a life I don’t want to live.

Therefore, I’m giving Body for Life a shot. I haven’t exactly nailed down how I’ll intertwine marathon training in with the workouts described in the book, but I’ll figure it out. I need something to give my diet and body a kick start. The plan runs for 12 weeks but if I achieve my goals, I foresee it being a lifestyle I’d like to continue. I’ll be starting on Monday after grocery shopping over the weekend.

Tomorrow I’m working from home because I have a court date at 2pm, and I’d prefer not to make my hour-long commute if I don’t have to. I’m attempting to fight a Failure to have a Texas Driver’s License ticket. (I hadn’t switched it over because I rode the train to work everyday, leaving the house at 6am and getting home at 6:15pm, which is before the DL office opens and after it closes). Apparently if you have a valid, unexpired license from another state, this warrants a $260 ticket. However, if you are driving around with an expired Texas license, or NO LICENSE AT ALL, you can simply go get a license and pay $10, and the ticket goes away. I switched my license over to Texas 4 days after I got the ticket, but I still have to shell out $300. So I’m headed to court to fight it. Pointless? Probably. But I’m going to give it a shot anyway. Wish me luck!

Have you ever sold your clothes at Plato’s Closet? On eBay? On your blog (like SkinnyRunner does from time to time)?

Have you ever fought a ticket and won?

On a mission

Weight loss in tough. When you don’t see a loss, or worse – GAIN, it’s very discouraging. I’ve spent the past year losing and gaining, losing and gaining. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t thrown myself 100% into the process in the past. This ends now.

With 100 Miles in May starting yesterday, backed up with marathon training just around the corner, it’s time to really buckle down. After some calculations, I’ve realized I can safely reach my “goal weight” by the first week of August. That’s pretty close, and I get excited when I think I can be back to pre-Texas weight by the end of the summer. I just need to keep my eye on the prize!

On Friday morning, an email arrived in my work inbox which ensured I stay on the right track for the next few months: a company workout challenge! It started yesterday and extends through July 31st. There is an individual contest where the person who logs the most workouts each month wins. There is also a team contest where each member receives a ticket for every 30 minutes of exercise they log. During the first week of August, a ticket will be randomly drawn to determine the winner of the team contest.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the way the team contest is setup. I know the more you workout, the more tickets your team receives, thus increasing your chance of winning. But it’s still the luck of the draw.

REGARDLESS, I’m pumped this challenge is perfectly aligned with my weight loss plan. It’s just the motivation I need to keep me going!

Has your company ever done a fitness/workout challenge?

100 Miles in May

Who doesn’t love a good challenge?


Carly and I have committed to participating in the 100 Miles in May challenge! I came across it on both Lisa and Amanda’s blogs, and we think it’s a great idea. The beginning of 2011 has been a bit slow-moving in the fitness department, but over the past few weeks we’ve gotten back on track. A month-long challenge is the perfect way to keep it going!

I start base-building for my MCM training plan (which kicks off on 7/4) on May 30th, so my fitness level will be right where it needs to be when I start running again. Seriously counting down the days until running commences. While I’m knocking out the miles on the elliptical, I find myself insanely jealous of the treadmill goers. So so so jealous. One more month, only one more month…


In related news, I took the new Asics to the gym on Wednesday for some crosstraining and Body Pump. I wish I could say I’ve fallen in love and they are my solemate soulmate, but I’m not quite sure. I felt like the left one was tied too tight, so I loosened it up after the elliptical. Then I felt it slipping a bit during Body Pump, which obviously was frustrating. I can’t make a solid decision until I start running in them, which in case you skipped the previous paragraph, isn’t for another month. Ah, the waiting game.  ASICS PLEASE DON’T FAIL ME!!


Let’s talk excuses

After a quick review of the last three weeks’ exercise logs, I realized this blog hasn’t kept me accountable at all. Deleting a mileage goal and replacing it with ‘rest’ is not good. Let’s recap this week:

Monday: planned rest day
Tuesday: needed to do laundry, cooked dinner for the bf, had a glass of wine
Wednesday: didn’t sleep well the night before, rough day at work, so I cooked dinner for the bf and had a glass of wine.
Thursday: terrible stomach pains so I curled up on the couch, watched tv, and then eventually had a glass of wine
Friday: planned rest day

Does this look like the week of someone who is about to run a half marathon in two weeks? Absolutely not. I just can’t get back in the swing of things! Back in April I ran 4 times a week, attended 2-3 yoga classes, and did one day of cross-training. I watched what I ate very closely, and the weight fell off pretty steadily. With positive results like that, I don’t understand what is keeping me from doing it again.

I have two issues which I think are contributing to my lack of success: sleep quality and organization. I’m going to work on a game plan this weekend and I’ll hopefully have it in place by Sunday night.

I’m off to bed, I have a 5 mile run with Katie in the morning! 🙂