Upcoming Races

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about running. My shin splints have been more manageable than usual, and I’m not sure if it’s the different pair of shoes or just the fact I’m not pounding the pavement 4 days a week. I’m nervous once I start training more diligently for the next half that they will make a horrific comeback. And there’s always that one thought in the back of my mind: what if it’s a stress fracture? It pains me to even type those two words. The idea of taking 6-8 weeks off from running makes me sad.

Let’s take a look at what Carly and I have coming up on our race schedule:

Carly Melissa
November 14, 2010 13.1 Ft Lauderdale Rock n Roll San Antonio Half
January 30, 2011 Florida Challenge Half 3m Half Marathon
February 20, 2011 A1A Half Marathon Austin Half Marathon

Since I’ve been nursing this nagging injury, my training has suffered. My training plan is buried in a list of Google Docs and hasn’t been opened in over a month. Honestly, I’m ready to get RNRSA over and done with. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited for it and I’m hoping to PR. But I’m more excited to get a training plan drawn up in preparation for the two races at the beginning of 2011!

Depending on how this weekend’s race goes will determine what step I take next. Next? Yes, next. I’m looking forward into the future, a little bit further than February. If all goes well on Sunday, I’ve got my eye on this guy:

This isn’t a huge decision, considering initially I was committed to running the full in San Antonio. A couple weeks ago I had been tossing the idea of a marathon around, and I narrowed my choices down to RnR San Diego and RnR Las Vegas (2011). I think I have pretty much ruled out Vegas because it’s close to Christmas, and I’m sure we would turn that into a mini vacation which screams dollar $ign$. Who knows, at this point anything can happen!

So my questions for you are…

What race did you choose for your first full marathon? If you could do it all over again, would you choose the same race?