Thursday Things

1. One of my goals for 2015 [I may talk about all of them at some point, I may not – don’t hold your breath] is to put together a cookbook. I’m not a food blogger and have no plans to turn STAMT into one. But I am absolutely in love with cooking. Like, fanatical about it. If you knew the amount of time I could spend in Sur la Table on a Saturday afternoon you’d likely be horrified. If you ask me to recommend a kitchen tool, I’d suggest you sit down because I’ve done way too much research on almost everything. I could watch the movie Chef over and over again. The scene with Jon Favreau cooking like a maniac after storming out of his restaurant? Ah, MAGICAL. Anyway, I will butcher the crap out of a recipe from the internet until it’s no longer recognizable from the author’s but will still somehow fantastic. The more I thought about it, the more I realized putting together a casual cookbook was really exciting to me. So I’m currently in the beginning stages of planning out recipes, deciding which categories to break the book into, and working on my photog skills. The book will be casual and I’m not looking to sell anything, but will happily share the final product [and probably a few sneak peeks] with friends + family. Stay tuned!

Not a Food Blogger

2. I bought a FitBit Flex. And then I bought a Jawbone Up24. And then I returned both of them. This is incredibly typical of me since I return 90% of the things I buy. The FitBit was cool for a few days until I bought the Jawbone and realized I liked it much better. It was more comfortable on my wrist, easier to switch between awake/sleeping, tracked more specific details about my sleep patterns, and synced to my Strava account seamlessly. Oh and the app was much prettier than the FitBit one – if you’re a visual person. So I returned the FitBit. My decision to return the Jawbone came after the 3rd or 4th workout I completed. I proceeded to sync my watch to Garmin Connect, uploaded to Strava, jotted down some specific details in a journal, and entered the distance/pace into my 2015 Training Log in Google Drive. OMG DATA OVERLOAD. I track the data [for free] in so many damn places already – why did I need another tool? The answer was this: I didn’t. Sure, the sleep stats were nice to have and integrating the app with MyFitnessPal [to track protein/carbs/fat] was helpful, but $79 helpful? No. So back to the store it went.

3. THIS. Do you remember trying to sing ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ with 3 or 4 classmates in grade school? I couldn’t for the life of me focus on my own song [which makes me a realllyyyy stellar eavesdropper as an adult] and inevitably messed it up every time. So, this? This blows my mind.

4. My Houston Marathon playlist needs some TLC. And no, I’m not talking about ‘Waterfalls’ or ‘No Scrubs’. My current playlist has taken a beating over the past 3-4 months and some of the songs make me want to rip out my headphones and throw my iPod to the side of the trail. The logical solution would be to create an updated playlist. But all I care about when returning from a run is getting something to eat and taking a shower. The next time I think about my running music is when I’m starting my Garmin and hitting play on the iPod. SO! I need suggestions. Note: I spend 3+ hours a day in the car listening to the radio [both pop + country stations] so pretty much every song on the iTunes Top 200 list is out.

What song[s] on your current playlist are considered must-haves for running?

Playlist Thursday :: From the Screen to Your Stereo*


*bonus points if you know where the post title came from

This week’s topic [Soundtracks] was realllllyyyy hard for me. The first song that popped into my head was Bruce Springsteen’s “Hungry Heart” from the first bar scene in The Guardian. Not quite a running song per se, so I decided not to use that one. I seriously struggled with every category, especially Something New. And I probably broke a few rules along the way. Oh well, wouldn’t be the the first time.

Okay, I’ll shut up now. Here are my picks…

Something Old {at least 5 years old}

: Cam’ron
Title: Hey Ma – END OF WATCH
Side Note: The movie may be new, but the song is old. Like oh-man-this-reminds-me-of-college old. Fun fact: this actually wasn’t part of the script. The song came on Jake’s iPod during a road trip to Vegas. Writer-director David Ayers pulled out his camera, stealthily filmed it and the scene ended up making it in to the movie.
Quotable: I told her I’m 18 and live a crazy life, plus I’ll tell you what the 80’s like. And I know what ladies like. Need a man that’s polite, listens and takes advice.” (nearly impossible to pull [clean] lyrics from this one!)

Something New

Artist: Hayden Panettiere
Title: Telescope – NASHVILLE
Side Note: This is the official music video for Telescope because I couldn’t find the clip from the actual show. I kinda wish I hated this song because she’s not my favorite person, but for some reason it weasels its way onto my playlist every time.

Something to Consider

Artist: Alex Clare
Title: Too Close – TAKEN 2
Side Note: This song may have only made it into the credits but the video below is a montage of the whole movie. So it still counts, right? I thought so too.
Quotable: “You know I’m not one to break promises. I don’t want to hurt you but I need to breathe. At the end of it all, you’re still my best friend. But there’s something inside that I need to release.”

That last one ALMOST was beat out by Dropkick Murphy’s “Shippin Up to Boston” from The Departed, but that song is so hit or miss for me when I’m running. “Too Close” is a staple on my playlist lately.

Okay, time to make me feel dumb: what super obvious song from a movie or tv show did I miss?

edited to add: I JUST thought of Icona Pop’s “I Love It” from Girls. Add that to your playlist!! You will (duh) LOVE it.

Five Things Friday

1. Travel for Philly Marathon is FINALLY booked & I couldn’t be happier about it! I researched like a madwoman for the past few months, determined to find the absolute best deal on an airfare + hotel package. In the end, Expedia HOOKED IT UP!


I found a sweet deal on an awesome hotel. If I booked through the hotel website – $299/night. Through a link on the Philly Marathon website with a special runner discount – $219/night. In combination with 2 round-trip airline tickets – $95/night.img_901


And airfare didn’t even cost me an arm & a leg, despite the fact it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving: less than $300 each! That, my friends, is what you call a STEAL.

2. I was able to get tickets to Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan in San Diego. Okay, this doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but Jason Aldean sold out his last two shows fairly quickly: one in four minutes, one in THIRTY SECONDS. Needless to say, I was doing the constant-refresh until the clock hit noon today when tickets went on sale.529010_10100148783538725_1925781392_n


3. I’m kind of obsessed with my running playlist as of late.


Can’t get enough of Flo Rida’s new album, especially “Run” featuring RedFoo (from LMFAO). It makes you want to (this is shocking, I know) RUN.

4. I bought another pair of Pro Compression socks. Yes, another.

Pro Compression USA


What? I have to be properly decked out to watch the Olympics!

5. I am super ridiculously excited for the Olympics.



Obviously most looking forward to the Track & Field events, followed by women’s gymnastics. We have a pretty stellar team this year – can’t wait to see everyone kill it in London! Let’s go Team USA!!

What are you excited about today?

Eleven Things

11 random things about myself:

1. I don’t like lasagna. I like each of the ingredients individually, but together? No thank you.

2. I hated dogs my entire life, until I moved in with my boyfriend and fell in love with his. Now, ours 🙂


3. I don’t like flowers.

4. I despised country music up until last year. Now? I add it to running playlists.


5. I’m obsessed with pens. Sharpie Pens are my #1, closely followed by Pentel EnerGels and Pilot G-2s. And I keep these in my purse at all times. Yes, all of them. Nerd alert.


6. I keep a bottle of Sriracha, chili infused olive oil, and container of crushed red pepper flakes in my desk at work.

7. I’m TERRIBLE at public speaking.

8. I once ate an entire extra, extra large pizza at Pete & Elda’s to get a free t-shirt.


9. I don’t drink milk. If it would be acceptable to put water on my cereal, I would.

10. I’m obsessed with scarves.


11. I think Valentine’s Day is the dumbest holiday ever. To quote my Facebook status from last year: Flowers? Candy? Waste of money. Valentines Day? Not a real holiday. Suckers. We don’t celebrate fake holidays in this house.

someecards valentines day


Candice’s Questions

1. What is your biggest and/or hardest goal for 2012? 5:15 marathon. Um, that’s ONE HOUR off my previous marathon time. Lofty goal I’d say.

2. Vegetarian or Meat-eater? Baconlover. Carbivore. Okay fine, meat-eater. Although I did go vegetarian from 2009-2010.

3. Would you rather write something down with pen/paper or on a computer/cell phone, etc? I do both because I’m an organizational freak. One note goes in my planner, one in GCal or GTasks.

4. Dog or cat person? dog.

5. What is your favorite season and why? Fall. That’s when all the good races are 🙂 AND it’s not 100 degrees everyday here in Texas

6. If you could live anywhere other than the place you currently live, where would you live? San Diego

7. Do you prefer Facebook over Twitter or vice versa? Twitter over Facebook. 140 characters really forces people to keep it short & sweet. I like.

8. What is the longest run/race/workout you have ever done? 26.2 miles

9. If you could only read one book over and over, which one would it be? Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster

10. What is the biggest risk you have ever taken? I left my job and all of my friends in Florida behind to move to Austin for a BOY. I’m a silly girl…

11. What motivated you to start blogging? running. It began as a way for my best friend and I to document race recaps & review wines, and slowly grew from there.

Thanks for tagging me, Candice! I’m not going to follow the rules because generally I prefer to break them. Therefore, I won’t be tagging anyone. BUT! I do have a question for all of you…

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Marine Corps Marathon Playlist


Sorry Jenn, I know these countdowns freak you out!

Could this week BE any slower?


The past two days have seriously inched by and I find myself staring at the clock wishing desperately the time would move faster. Why am I so anxious?

Because it is finally MARATHON WEEK! I can’t believe it’s been eight months since that day I finally took the plunge and registered for my first 26.2.


I’ve had marathon on the brain practically every waking minute lately. Just when I thought there couldn’t possibly be anything left to ponder, I find myself debating GU vs Shotbloks, wondering if I will run with my camera, or how I’ll avoid hitting that dreaded wall.

My GU Sampler finally arrived today. The box was a lot smaller than I expected:


But the contents did not disappoint


That’s a lot of freakin’ GU.

I also received our metro cards:


And now I’m working on something VERY important: my marathon playlist. I don’t anticipate using my iPod until the later miles, but I need a great motivating collection of songs to help me power through.

Here’s a glimpse at part of it:


What are some of your favorites that you think I should include?