Weekly Workouts: 8/6-8/12

Last week’s workouts were kind of all over the place, so hopefully this week will go as planned. Still trying to figure out the best way to get in both cross and strength training. Should I pair them together? What do you think?

Here’s what’s on my plate this week:

Monday, August 6

XT and/or P90X Back & Biceps

Tuesday, August 7

4 x 800 (4:37)

Wednesday, August 8

XT and/or P90X Chest / Shoulders / Tri

Thursday, August 9

5 mile tempo, 3 @ 10:03

Friday, August 10


Saturday, August 11

12 mile run

Sunday, August 12


Weekly Workouts: 7/30-8/5

Here we go … Philly Marathon Training, week one!

Monday, July 30

P90X Back / Biceps / Abs RPM

Tuesday, July 31

3 x 1600m @ 9:29   2.5 mile run

Wednesday, August 1

P90X Chest / Shoulders / Triceps / Abs

Thursday, August 2

4 mile tempo, 2 @ 10:03 4 miles @ 10:35 overall

Friday, August 3


Saturday, August 4 

10 mile run

Sunday, August 5

Rest 10 mile run

Weekly Workouts: 7/23-7/29

Well, this is it: the last week of freedom before Philly Marathon training “officially” begins! Hoping to keep the intensity moderate, as to launch into Week 1 fired up and ready to go.

Monday, July 23

P90X Back / Biceps / Abs



Tuesday, July 24


4 mile run


Wednesday, July 25


P90X Chest / Shoulders / Triceps / Abs


Thursday, July 26


4 mile run


Friday, July 27




Saturday, July 28


8 mile run


Sunday, July 29


Weekly Workouts: 7/16-7/22

We’re working on tweaking Phase II of P90X to work for us. We ditched plyo because our running suffers, and the same with legs. We’re also toying with the idea of taking an additional rest day (Friday) so we can get to bed early in preparation for Saturday’s long run. If not, Back / Bi will be done twice a week. We’ll see – still hashing out the details. Here’s the tentative plan:

Monday, July 16

P90X Back / Biceps / Abs



Tuesday, July 17


4 mile run {1 mile run, 4 x 400m (400m RI), 1 mile run}


Wednesday, July 18


P90X Chest / Shoulders / Triceps / Abs


Thursday, July 19


4 mile run


Friday, July 20




Saturday, July 21


7 mile run {3 mile run, 5K race, 1 mile run}

P90X Yoga


Sunday, July 22


Impromptu Speedwork

Last night we had P90X Chest / Shoulders / Triceps / Abs on deck.

P90X Disc 9 - Chest Shoulders Triceps

This workout was NO EFFING JOKE. Recovery week caused my strength to take a serious hit. Two weeks ago when I did side tri-rises I cranked out 25 the first round, 30 the second. Last night I barely eeked out 15. Don’t even get me started on one-arm or two-twitch speed pushups. My arms were TOAST halfway through!

I also had that issue of the missed run to deal with. Very rarely do I run back-to-back days because my shin splints almost always make an unwelcomed appearance.  Brad and I made a pact early on that if we completely missed/skipped a workout, we would forfeit our cheat meal for the week. Soooo, I moved our run from Tuesday to Wednesday night.

After P90X, Brad’s calves were super tight and despite telling me he’d be fine on the run, I was nervous he’d get injured.  I decided to fly solo for the miles and left him at home with the P90X Stretch DVD to loosen up his hard-as-rocks calves. It was dark by the time I left the house so rather than run outside, it was time to hit the hamster wheel.

Initially the game plan was to do 2 miles, slow and steady. When with Brad {completely new to running} we use 3:1 intervals. Which is fine, but ideally I’d like to run without any breaks at all. So that was my ultimate goal.

After a ten minute warmup, I bumped the speed up to 5.4. It was a comfortable, easy pace to maintain. Exactly what I wanted.

As I neared the 8oom mark, I had a brilliant idea: I could do speedwork! I kept the speed & recovery paces slower than I’d usually use since I’m running again tonight, but it still felt great to let the legs {slowly} fly!

  • 800m @ 5.4
  • 400m @ 6.0
  • 400m @ 5.4
  • 400m @ 6.0
  • 400m @ 5.4
  • 400m @ 6.0
  • 400m @ 7.0

Once it hit 2 miles, I slowed the treadmill to 4.0 and upped the incline to 4.0. Two miles, done and done, hit my goal.


I still felt like I could go a little further. Run a little longer. Fly a little faster. So at 2.25, I continued running:

  • 400m @ 4.0
  • 400m @ 6.0
  • 400m @ 5.4
  • 400m @ 7.0

Finished with 3 miles in 32:55. I’m a little disappointed I didn’t just go for three from the get-go – overall pace would have definitely been better. BUT! Technically I shouldn’t have even been running at all yesterday, let alone speedwork, so I’ll take it.

After a half mile cooldown walk, I left the gym just before 10pm. Not sure I’ve ever been at the gym that late – can’t say I minded it though! Had my choice of treadmill (with Big Bang Theory on repeat), the AC was pumping, and it was nice to let the treadmill do the work for me pace-wise.

Where do you prefer to do your speedwork: treadmill or track?

Weekly Workouts: 7/9-7/15

Phase II of P90X begins today, and running mileage gets a slight bump. Weight loss slowed to a halt after recovery week so I’m looking forward to working hard this week! Here’s the plan:

Monday, July 9

P90X Plyometrics



Tuesday, July 10


3.5 mile run  Rest {thunderstorm ruined the run & power outage = no P90X}


Wednesday, July 11


P90X Chest / Shoulders / Triceps / Abs

3 mile run {speedwork} + 1 mile walk


Thursday, July 12


3.5 mile run 3.65 mile run


Friday, July 13


P90X Back / Biceps / Abs


Saturday, July 14


6 mile run 6.21 mile run

P90X Yoga


Sunday, July 15


Unwelcomed Recovery Week

Yesterday marked the beginning of recovery week in P90X. Yes, the dates are wrong. We repeated week 3 because we missed a few workouts the first time around.


There’s a whole lot of this:


and not a lot of this:


I thought I’d welcome the decrease in intensity, but to be honest? I hate it. After yoga last night I was kinda like, that’s it? That’s all we’re doing? I was disappointed. Well not completely disappointed – I mastered this pose again:


Crow? Bird? Crane? Not really sure what it’s officially called, since I’ve heard it referred to all of those. What do YOU call it?

Anyway, the intensity is low and I’m not a fan. As usual, we’re swapping out the Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday workouts for runs so I can work on base mileage for marathon training. Which, speaking of, I’ve been working on my damn training plan for a few weeks now and it’s STILL not done. I keep tweaking the paces and the long runs. Hopefully it’ll be done and up on the blog this week.


Mileage building has been slow and even so, my left shin is a little achy. Not sure if it’s pavement-pounding related or remnants of the underwater rock-bashing I gave it back in May. I’m hoping the cure is hot pink compression socks and multiple icing sessions everyday because that’s how I’ve been remedying the situation. I’ve been making sure to follow the 10% rule to a T and run SLOWLY. We’ve been averaging about 12:00-12:45 min/mi pace lately so sweet jesus I hope that’s slow enough! My little legs are itching to bust out some tempo miles but I’m holding back until July 31st when training officially begins.

Overall I’m really enjoying P90X and my newfound appreciation for strength training. This is also happening:


Working out 6 days a week and actually LIKING it. I can’t remember the last time I’ve gotten my heart rate up that many days in a row! And you know what goes hand in hand with regular workouts?

A well deserved cheat meal 🙂

Hello watermelon margarita.


Hello Chuychanga.


Seriously LOVE Sunday dinners – they’re worth every minute of hard work during the week!

Weekly Workouts: 6/25-7/1

In an effort to hold myself accountable, I’ll be posting my workouts for the upcoming week every Monday. Workouts crossed off were not completed; those in red are substitutes for the original plan.

I started last Monday but never published this post. Here’s what went down last week:

Monday, June 25

P90X Chest / Back / Abs

Tuesday, June 26

3 mile run

Wednesday, June 27

P90X Legs / Back / Abs

Thursday, June 28

3 mile run

Friday, June 29

P90X Arms / Shoulders / Abs

Saturday, June 30

5 mile run

P90X Yoga

Sunday, July 1