Friday Favorites {Makeup}

I wasn’t always a big makeup wearer. While living in Florida my makeup bag consisted only of bronzer, eyeliner and mascara. The rest of it would melt off my face in 0.5 seconds after leaving the house due to the humidity so I kept the routine very simple. Fast forward a few years to an internet bursting with YouTube tutorials and beauty blogs, and well? Now I pretty much own every damn type of product on the market. Here are my favorites…

STAMT Makeup


I’ve come to terms with the fact I will NEVER find a liquid foundation that works for me. And it’s not even a matter of finding the perfect shade. Every makeup artist at Sephora has tried on every possible liquid foundation they carry and every single one of them oxidizes on my skin. I can leave the house wearing a full face of makeup and by the time I make it to work it will have changed to an orangey-pinkish hue on my skin – nothing like what had been on my face an hour before. I’ve tried different coverages, different brands, wearing primer underneath, BB creams, CC creams. You name it, I’ve tried it. Nothing will stay the same color on me. We’ve even experimented with going a shade lighter than my skin so when it darkens up, it would (hypothetically) match. But nope, no dice. My alien skin still turns orange. Sometimes I can get away with a tinted moisturizer and Nars has one with SPF 30 that my skin will play nicely with about 75% of the time. So basically my only option is to spot-correct with concealers. The ones I always reach for are: MAC Select Cover-Up, Clinique’s All About Eyes, and this one from Maybelline with the super long name in Brightener. The last one is my favorite because the pinkish hues really offset the dark circles and make me look awake, despite how many hours of sleep I have (or haven’t) gotten.


Currently my favorite blush is Exposed from Tarte, but Warm Soul from MAC is my summer shade. It has a tiny bit of shimmer in it that I prefer to save for the warmer months. For bronzer/contouring, Benefit’s Hoola was my go-to until recently when I tried this set. Now I’ve switched to Chocolate Soleil from Too Faced. For highlighting I use Hard Candy’s Baked Bronzer (yes, bronzer – it’s more yellow-toned than brown) in Tiki. An eyeshadow palette by Hard Candy was the first thing I ever purchased from Sephora back in the day for about $30. I bought this bronzer in Walmart for $8. Ah, how times change. On a related note, I saw that Kohl’s is now carrying LORAC, Cargo, and The Balm makeup. Not sure how those brands trickled down to them but if you use any, definitely buy them there! They often have crazy sales with 20% or 30% coupons. You could score some pricey makeup for super cheap.



The only powder shadow I’ve worn in the past 3 years is Urban Decay, specifically the Naked Palette. The shadows have great color payoff and are very blendable. The palette is perfect for both day/evening looks. Pretty decent bang for your buck as well, considering UD shadows will run you almost twenty dollars each. The palette has 12 different shades, most of which are now permanent and can be purchased separately. The ones I wear most are Buck, Smog, and Hustle.


For cream shadows, I’ve developed an obsession with MAC’s Pro Longwear Paint Pots. I initially wanted to buy the cult favorite Painterly, but surprise surprise instead of it being the neutral shade everyone loves, it turned pink on me. I went with Layin’ Low which is basically the same thing, a flat nude which can be used as a base or on its own when you’re feeling particularly lazy. From there I added a few more: Bare Study, Rubenesque, and Indianwood. Of those, Indianwood is my go-to. It’s very similar to Smog, which is my go-to in the powder shadow department. The containers look small but they will last you FOREVER. I use Layin’ Low pretty much every single day and have hardly made a dent.

Eyeliner. I have two here: felt tipped liner for top lash line and gel for the water line. I like Maybelline’s Master Precise liner for the top because it’s easy to control. I prefer more of a super-skinny natural line rather than HI LOOK AT ME thick one. This one gets the job done. The water line can be a pain in the ass sometimes because it’s impossible to get eyeliner to stay put in that spot. I wore kohl pencil for years but it required constant touch-ups. Last summer I started using a gel liner, specifically this one from L’Oreal, and it’s been a real game changer. That stuff does NOT budge. I like Bronze for daytime and Blackest Black for nights out.

Mascara is always Clinique High Impact. I’ve strayed a few times (Benefit’s They’re Real & BadGAL Lash, Tarte’s Better than Sex, Urban Decay’s Big Fatty, and almost all of the drugstore ones) and always come back to Clinique. The formula is super dark and doesn’t make your lashes feel crunchy. That sounds weird but if you wear mascara, you know what I mean. Comparable drugstore ones are Revlon Grow Luscious and Maybelline Full ‘n Soft.


I’m pretty low-maintenance when it comes to lip products and always have been. My go-to lip balm is this one by CO Bigelow. I love all things lemon and this stuff glides on super smooth like buttah. Their Rose Salve sits on my nightstand and is great to put on before you go to sleep. You’ll wake up with super soft lips. Both are sold at Bath & Body Works and they usually have the Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal on them. The smell of the Rose Salve was weird to me at first, but I got used to it. An alternative is this one from Sephora – smells minty fresh! For a little color, Nars Dolce Vita is a great shade that works on everyone. Very subtle, “my lips but better” color. For nights out I’ll layer that one and Clinique’s Black Honey.


And that’s it! Obviously the high-end products outweigh the drugstore ones but I try to keep it cheap by buying sample sizes or investing in a full size only when it comes with a free gift. This works well for all of the Clinique items because everything I use also comes in gift/travel size. During the holidays I was able to stock up on minis of my face wash, toner, moisturizer, mascara, lipstick, and eye cream for free when I bought a full-sized face wash and toner.

What are some of your favorite makeup items? Do you lean more towards high-end or drugstore?

Things I’m Loving Right Now

This is NOT a gift guide. I repeat, THIS IS NOT A GIFT GUIDE.

These ribbed leggings. I bought them in Smoke Heather with a discount code and birthday coupon (btw VS, my birthday is in January – jumping the gun a bit, no?) so that made them a bit more affordable. They’re soft and warm and I pretty much live in them on the weekend with a slouchy sweater. AND they come in lengths, which means I can order them in “short” rather than buying crops to use as leggings. Story of my life. Note: order one size smaller than usual, they stretch a bit.

Ribbed Legging   A Kiss of Cashmere   Victoria s Secret

This entire Etsy shop. I saw Grace & Lace on last week’s episode of Shark Tank and I WANT EVERYTHING. This could be dangerous because now I also want a new pair of riding boots. My favorites are the Alpine Slouch (pair them with ribbed leggings and you probably won’t ever leave the house), Nellie Knit Scarf, and Britain Buckle Leg Warmers. Oh! And the Nellie Knit Button Head Wrap. See? I want everything.

Alpine Thigh High Slouch Sock Tweed thick cable by GraceandLaceCo  source: Grace and Lace

Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping. I have frequent flyer accounts with most major airlines but since Southwest is usually my go-to (free bags, cheap flights), my points balance is the highest with them. A few months ago I started using their shopping program and holy crap, my balance has taken a huge jump! Brad bought tires, shocks, and brake pads at Advance Auto Parts and my account was credited 4 points for every dollar spent. That was a pretty hefty point increase. There are SO many companies on the Rapid Rewards Shopping site (The Body Shop, Express, Sephora, Best Buy, etc.) and I’ve been trying to check there first before I buy anything in-store. If you do a decent amount of shopping and travel fairly often, you should definitely look into their rewards program. The plan is to have my flight for Ragnar Cape Cod in May completely paid for with points only.

Shop Online at Southwest Airlines

Oiselle Lux Layer. There’s been a handful of Oiselle items I’ve been living in lately (like the flyte tank, which has found it’s way into my work wardrobe) but the Lux … this top is heaven. If it wasn’t so pricey I’d have the damn thing in every color available. The Poppy dropped into the sale section a couple weeks ago and an Amazon gift card helped score one in Ribbon. Can someone buy me the charcoal for Christmas, pretty please?

Oiselle Lux Layer - Heather Ribbon

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots. The masses own Painterly, but my go-to is Layin’ Low. My skin has the the tendency to turn everything pink, so I wasn’t the least bit surprised when Painterly oxidized on me. I tried nearly every shade available and the most versatile one ended up being Layin’ Low. It’s perfect on it’s own (gives you that wide-eyed ‘awake’ look) or as a primer/base for shadow. A budget alternative is Maybelline’s Color Tattoo but the shades are limited. Tough as Taupe is too dark to be neutral and Too Cool is a bit too frosty to come off natural.

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Potssource: the sunday girl

This fantastic item that brews caffeinated happiness. I’ve been looking at French Presses for awhile now but always talked myself out of buying one. I saw this one on Jessica’s gift guide (I despise gift guides because they’re super overdone, especially among running bloggers BUT – this is an exception) for the Foodie Freak & Kitchen Lover. I don’t even want to talk about how many things I want from that list. Anyway, the Bodum Brazil has been in my cart on Amazon for two weeks now.

Bodum Brazil 8 Cup French Press

On Wednesday Brad and I were out running errands and popped into Sur la Table to pick up an ice cream scoop. Dun dun dunnn. That store… I should have known better. I’m sure you see where this is going. The Bodum was on display in the back of the store and Brad didn’t even try to talk me out of it. In fact, he pretty much talked me into getting a burr grinder too. Whoops. Let me tell you – that was money well spent. The coffee tastes SO much better. I think this means I’m a coffee snob now. Crap.

 Okay, I think that’s it for now. So tell me, what are YOU loving lately?

Friday Favorites {TV Shows}

Old Faithfuls

Old Faithfuls

Yes, I’m still watching Grey’s Anatomy. I think a majority of the population gave up on that show once Izzy left but I’m still sucked in. BBT is either a ‘love it or hate it’ and we’re definitely in love. The League – obviously. You don’t even need to care about fantasy football to watch this show. Criminal Minds aka the show that gives me THE weirdest dreams ever but I’ll never quit watching it before bed. The Mentalist – shit, we’re going to find out who Red John is before the end of the year. FINALLY. That show is very underrated, in my opinion. And so is Last Man Standing. Don’t underestimate Tim Allen, he’s still got it.

The New Additions

New Additions

Not sure if Breaking Bad even counts since it’s certainly not new, but new-to-us. And since this is my game, my rules. It’s new. There are a couple fall shows the jury is still out on (Mom, The Millers) and a few we ruled out already (The Crazy Ones, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), but the only real winner we’ve added to the regular roster is Dads.

Previous (now defunct) Favorites

Old Favorites

Ben & Kate lasted a whopping one season (Dakota Johnson did just land the lead in 50 Shades of Grey, if you’re into that) but even though short-lived, pretty funny show. And yes, I miss The OC (and Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, the new Melrose Place… the CW produced a ton of guilty pleasures for me). Friends is a given, regardless of how many reruns I watch. That reunion rumor for Thanksgiving 2014 still pisses me off every time it resurfaces. LOVED Rules of Engagement, Patrick Warburton is goddamn hilarious. Denis Leary and Rescue Me … man, that was a crazy show. I miss it. I miss them all. Gah.

Okay, your turn. Tell me one Old Faithful, one New Addition, and one Previous Favorite.

Friday Favorites {Movies}

Our movie queue is running a little low as of late. We just finished Act of Valor and have Contraband and Safe House waiting in the wings. After that? We’re fresh out of movies! I figured I’d share a few of my favorite movies with you guys, and you could share a few of your favorites with me. Hopefully we’ll all come away with a few new movies to watch!

The Usual Suspects

Old School








Fever Pitch




Wedding Crashers


Role Models


The Departed


Boiler Room


The Hangover


Lesser Known Gems

Lucky Number Slevin


Boondock Saints


Poolhall Junkies






Your turn :: Please share a few of your favorite movies in the comments below!

Where do you watch most of your movies, in the theater or at home?

Friday Favorites {Running}


  • Shoes. After a trip to Road Runner Sports back in May, I discovered I was now a neutral runner and stocked up on a few pairs of the correct shoes:

Saucony Kinvara 2 (discontinued & super cheap!)


Saucony Kinvara 3


Mizuno Wave Rider 15



  • Once I invested in a couple pairs of shorts, I knew there were two items I needed to add to my arsenal. They’re KEY items for a comfortable run. Please God don’t let me ever forget to use them…


  • Garmin Forerunner 305. This guy has made a world of difference in my running. And mayyyybe turned me into a neurotic numbers obsessed girl. But hey – that’s how you get fast, right?



  • iPod Shuffle & Yurbuds. I go back and forth on music while running. Sometimes I’d rather run without it and focus on my breathing. Sometimes I REALLY don’t want to run, so I need the music to drown out my thoughts. When it comes to headphones, I’ve been through pretty much every set on the market and NONE of them stay in my ears the way Yurbuds do. Great investment!



  • BIC Bands. My hair turns into a hot mess when I’m running & these sparkly miracle workers keep flyaways out of my face. Plus every month they donate a portion of profits to a different charity! So awesome.



  • The Grid. This helps me abuse my legs into a state of bliss. It gives new meaning to the phrase “hurt so good”

The Grid


  • RRS Drymax Socks. Unfortunately, these socks are expensive ($24.99 for 3 pair) but luckily I only run 3x a day (oh hey FIRST training plan!!) so the one pack I own works just fine. They keep my feet dry and blister-free. Oh! And they don’t effing slip down because they have the tab in the back. Happiness. Nothing I hate more on a run than having my sock fall down and wedge itself under the arch of my foot. ANNOYING. These fix that. THANK YOU BEST SOCKS EVER.

RRS Drymax


  • Pro Compression Marathon Sock. After I’m done stretching and beating the crap out of my calves with a foam roller, I compress the crap out of them in these glorious socks. They hug my feet and legs perfectly, making them feel wonderful. Perfect to sleep in or even wear to work. Compress your little heart out all day long. I have them in both pink and purple, and Brad has them in orange. And I’ll probably buy more colors because I have no self-control. Dear Pro Compression, can you make sleeves? I will love you forever. Please and thank you. I know Ashley will buy some too.

Pro Compression


  • Nathan Handheld. After I bought one last summer, I pretty much turned into a hydration snob. Now if I go for a run without it, I’ll whine the whole time about how thirsty I am. Don’t I sound like a real joy to be around? Anyway, to cut down on the bitching I’ll bring this thing every time. I’ve been running with it for a year now and honestly forget I’m carrying it. Keeps me hydrated and LOVE it during races. Avoid water stops? Yes please! Recently I bought a new one (the one below, in traffic cone orange) and its big enough to hold my ginormous phone. WIN!

Nathan Handheld


  • Road ID. NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!! Seriously, if you don’t have one, please get one. It can save your life!

Road ID

Jeez that’s a lot of stuff. I remember when I first started running, someone told me it was a cheap sport. They DEFINITELY lied to me. Rude.

What’s your favorite can’t-live-without-it piece of running gear?