Five Things Friday

I have way too many random thoughts to be contained in a normal, paragraph driven post. So I’m jumping on the ever-popular X Things XXXXday wagon today.

1. I probably can’t even explain to you how excited I am for The Great Gatsby to hit theaters. (May 10th!!) Which is surprising considering my excitement to read the novel back in high school was pretty much nonexistent. The second trailer was released yesterday, but I think the first one is still my favorite. So I’ll show you both.


2. I’m back to square one with running shoes. I know, you’re probably not surprised. Despite what most may think, I’m not constantly buying new shoes because of my desire to always own something new. It’s simply because the ones I buy? Don’t work for me. I trained in the fall in a pair of Brooks Adrenaline 12s. They worked fine up until Philly Marathon and the Decker Half. After that point, my arches ached and required icing after every single run. I then transitioned into a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspires and the pain went away… until the week before ZOOMA. This time it seemed to travel from arch to the outside of my leg. Took a few days off and ran again – same problem. So I dropped from the half to the 5K at ZOOMA and ran in a pair of Pure Cadences that I use only for short runs. SO! I’m back on the hunt for a pair of shoes. The never ending saga. I’ve probably talked about this eleventy billion times on my blog but I promise once the problem is fixed, I’ll shut the hell up about it!

Brooks Ravenna vs Mizuno Wave Creation
Any recommendations for a flat-footed runner with a penchant for pronating?

3. I’m in love with the new Nuun flavors. new-nuun-flavorsAt first I thought I loved Cherry Limeade the most. I highly recommend mixing 1/2 tab of this one with 1/2 tab Kona Kola – it gets me through the afternoon slump at work. Then came Lemonade and it just tasted like SUMMER. It won me over with its effortless pairing with vodka and fresh lemon wedges. That is, until I tried Watermelon. It slightly edges out the other two. Unfortunately, that was the only flavor of the three that I DIDN’T buy a 4-pack of. Well until yesterday. Should be arriving by EOD on Monday. Whew, crisis averted.

Haven’t tried any of them yet? For a limited time, Nuun is offering a Summer Sampler that includes one tube of each new flavor.

4. I’m running the Austin 10/20 again this year.
austin-1020-bib-and-medalMy 2013 racing schedule started out really heavy and by the time the Austin Distance Challenge had wrapped up, I was ready to sail off into the sunset on a racing hiatus. I had roughly a month between the Austin Half and ZOOMA but apparently that was all I needed to want to race again. I was bummed that I had to downgrade to the 5K at ZOOMA and after some thought, decided to squeeze another race between now and the Long Branch Half Marathon next month Enter the Austin 10/20. I ran this race last year and it. was. AWESOME. I shouted its praises on pretty much every social platform I’m on because I enjoyed it so much (and even made it on to their Participant Feedback page!) So I signed up again.


2013 Boston Red Sox

Five Things Friday

1. It’s officially one week until the Healthy Living Summit

I’m really looking forward to finally meet some of my favorite bloggers and discover many new ones, attend informative sessions on photography & networking, and spend time with so many like-minded people. HLS keeps adding new events and awesome sponsors, like Reebok for example, who will be hosting a Crossfit workout for us! I’ve been to a couple blogger meetups before but never a conference. It’ll be nice to not feel uncomfortable whipping a camera out at a meal and to discuss WordPress and social media tips with people without their eyes glossing over!

2. Football is back! 

Sure, it’s only preseason right now, but regular season starts in less than a month!

3. I recently discovered something I’d probablyyyyy be better off not knowing about:

Umm, yeah. It’s freakin’ delicious. I had it in my greek yogurt this morning and it took things to another level.

4. I’m ridiculously excited to have dinner & drinks with this girl tomorrow night!

Paula was one of the first running blogs I followed after starting mine in 2010. We {unknowingly} kicked off our running addiction at the same race! And then there was that time I was at Tu Tu Tango in Orlando and she insisted I order the chocolate calzone.

AND my trip to Florida was made. It would only be right that I take her to an equally amazing restaurant while she’s in here in Austin. I have my work cut out for me but think I can make it happen. I mean, it IS Austin after all 🙂

5. And another thing for tomorrow. 12 miles. Twelve glorious hot miles. The last time I ran that far was about three months ago, so tomorrow should be FUN!

Not bad. It definitely could be worse.

What are you excited about today? Any big plans for the weekend?