Tuesday Things

1. My ‘Explore Austin’ project has been getting some love. While friends were in town a couple weeks ago, we hit some of the bars and restaurants I’ve been dying to try over the past few years. I don’t want to go into too much detail since the post tomorrow covers all the good stuff, but my new favorite thing to do is visit breweries. Definitely need to add a few to the list, like Adelbert’s, 512, and Circle Brewing. And after Cely’s review of the Austin Brew Bus, let’s go ahead and put that on the list too. For March, obviously – my wallet is zipped tight this month.


2. In my opinion, iceberg lettuce is the worst lettuce ever. My go-to greens are either romaine or a spinach-arugula mix. Iceberg only appears in the house when there’s a BBQ and I need some cheap toppings for burgers. After having people over for the Super Bowl, I had a giant chunk of the ‘berg leftover and no idea what to do with it except throw it away. Then the light bulb came on: wedge salads. I’ll rant and rave about iceberg being a sad excuse for ‘greens’ but put a wedge salad in front of me and I’ll eat my words. And that salad. If you’re good at drawing conclusions, I bet you can guess what was for dinner last night.


3. Speaking of Super Bowl Sunday, Jeanette came by and brought Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate PB Cups with her. She very quickly became everyone’s favorite person. Brad wanted to know why we never have them in the house. I wasted no time letting him know it was because he can’t be trusted around anything dessert-related. Then I felt bad [even though my statement was true – he agreed!] and headed to TJ’s yesterday to pick up some PB cups for him.


And the Cocoa Swirl Cookie Butter. And managed to grab one of the last two containers of Coconut Body Butter, which they are alwayyyys out of. Also, a few other unpictured purchases were the Roasted Tomato & Red Pepper soup, aged gorgonzola, and a bag of blood oranges. Typical TJ’s story: go in for one thing, walk out with 12. TJ’s & Target are basically the same.

4. Our adorable little puppy has been more of a little menace than usual lately. After our Houston trip [where she was crated for most of the weekend] she went on a destructive tear throughout the house, leaving a softball-sized hole in our comforter and an even bigger hole in another quilt that we ended up tossing. She’s a nightmare while unsupervised during the 2 hour period between when Brad leaves for work and I get up, so we started crating her again until she can be trusted. She sleeps in bed with us every night from 10pm – 4am and never budges. So when I woke up at 2am early this morning and didn’t see her curled up at my feet, I knew we were in trouble.


RIP pillow, you will be missed.

5. This is probably counterproductive, but at the end of January I ordered a bunch of new kitchen toys to help make cooking more fun throughout the month of February. I replaced quite a few of my spoons/spatulas with Tovolo utensils – and I am in LOVE. They’re much easier to clean than the normal plastic ones and they’re super pretty too (<— important) I also bought these soup bowls, giant coffee mugs [100% against Brad’s will “we already have enough mugs!”], and a pizza wheel. Joseph Joseph has the coolest stuff: this spatula is ginormous & perfect for flippin’ pancakes and this scoop colander is great to use instead of your giant colander when cooking a smaller portion of shells or elbows. I own both of them but purchased awhile back. Big ol’ stamp of approval from this girl. OH! And a new knife block because half of our knives are missing and/or need serious sharpening. 10 years and many a dishwasher cycle put some serious wear on them.

Chicago Cutlery Knife Block

So yes, I spent money to save money. They’re INVESTMENTS. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Looking Ahead & Reevaluating My Goals

While reviewing my training log in Google Drive on Monday night I realized the Shiner Beer Run was NEXT WEEKEND. Obviously I knew it was soon since we recently flipped the calendar over to November, but  didn’t realize just how close it was until counting long runs between now and race day. Yikes.

Shiner Beer Run

Shiner was supposed to be my 2013 goal race but it’s been downgraded into a training run for Houston in January. We’ve done all of our runs with the dogs (the puppy desperately needs this time to get some energy out) and while the miles have been at a decent pace, we’re still taking breaks every mile or so for the dogs.

dogs on the run

This hasn’t prepared us enough to properly “race” Shiner, so we’ll be using it as a training run. After next weekend, I’m going to start doing treadmill runs during the week to supplement our puppy runs. This way I should be able to get in some speed/hill work that will boost my potential to run a fast race in Houston.

Do I think I’m going to go sub-2 in Houston? No I don’t. And I’m okay with that. It was a lofty goal I hesitated to put out there in the first place – but it’s still a goal.

Do I think I’ll PR in Houston? I’m not sure. My 13.1 PR was set last year after a really strong marathon training cycle. I’m nowhere near that fitness level right now. And I’m okay with that.

Life happens. Things came up that were unexpected (like adopting a super high energy but ridiculously adorable puppy!) and sometimes I chose those things over my running goals. I chose to bring our dogs on all of our runs because I absolutely LOVE exploring Austin with them and how excited they get when I lace up my running shoes.

So, am I disappointed that this 13.1 won’t be the grandiose race I expected it to be? A little bit. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to run strong and enjoy every scenic, hilly mile through the Texas countryside.

There are a lot of exciting things on the horizon and I’m really excited to see what 2014 has up its sleeve.

Tuesday Things

Sox is a destructive little monster. As much as we think it’s safe to set her free from the crate while we’re at work, it’s obvious she’s just not ready. We lost two pairs of sunglasses, a pair of shorts, and a piece of carpet in a perfect square (?!)

Honestly, I don’t know whether to be pissed about the carpet or impressed with the square.

square carpet

I know it doesn’t look that bad, but this morning she so kindly finished it off:


SO! She’s going back into the crate until further notice. Probably not this crate though, because she has officially outgrown it. Related: puppies are expensive.


Next weekend we’ll be participating in Challenge Nation: Austin.

Challenge Nation   Austin Challenge

It’s similar to the Amazing Race and we’ve been looking for another adventure race ever since the Urban Dare last spring. They’re SO much fun and a great way to break up the standard racing schedule.

Austin friends – discounted pricing ends TOMORROW! Sign up today for only $35/pp (instead of $50!) and join me next weekend for this urban scavenger hunt. Registration requires a team of 2 or more people.

Eric Church is playing at Stubb’s on Saturday! When the ACL lineup was announced, we were excited to see Eric Church on the list but also disappointed because this year they weren’t selling one-day passes. Wristbands for the 3-day festival are pretty pricey and we couldn’t justify the cost, considering we really only wanted to go for the one act.

Eric ChurchIn the middle of August, C3 announced their ACL Late Night shows … and Eric Church was scheduled to play a show at Stubb’s. I joined their mailing list just in time to receive a pre-sale code and buy tickets the second they went on sale. We thought we’d have to wait until 2014 to see him (he’s been touring with Kenny Chesney who we kinda-sorta-maybe can’t stand. I mean, at all.) so we’re pretty pumped! Stubb’s is one of my favorite venues and I don’t think I could pick a better place to see Eric Church.

I’ll never get sick of that song.

I’m giving NaNoWriMo another go. For those of you who don’t know, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and basically you have from November 1-30 to write 50,000 words. Not an easy feat, by any means.


In 2010 I attempted NaNoWriMo and only made it to 7,500 words before hitting writer’s block and calling it quits. A couple weeks back Jeri tweeted about possibly participating this year and after much thought, I’ve decided to give it another go. If I disappear in November, please assume I’m spending quality time with my laptop over long nights and multiple pots of coffee.

I’ve been sucked into Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad

Better late than never, right? A week before the finale aired, we started S1 on Netflix. Now that fall premieres are kicking off and the Red Sox are in the postseason (hey-o!) we’re at a bit of a stand-still at the beginning of S3. Desperately need more hours in a day. To watch TV. FWP? Yep. Definitely.

Puppy Pawprints

This face is so innocent. I should know better by now considering she’s been caught chewing on 3 different pairs of running shoes and destroyed two pairs of sunglasses. While I do still think she’s super adorable, there’s absolutely nothing innocent about this face.



Last week the remnants of a tropical storm rolled through Central Texas, dumping much-needed rain (currently in Stage 3 water restrictions, hence the current state of our “lawn”) over the area on Thursday and Friday. When Brad got home from work on Friday, he let Sox out of her crate so she could go outside and he went into the bedroom to change before her vet appointment. While in the backyard, Sox came across a small hole she had previously dug. Now it was filled with rainwater and she proceeded to dig a little more. If you’ve seen this video, you know that rain is one of her favorite things.

The Damn Hole


Once her paws were sufficiently caked with mud, she decided it was time to go back inside. And jump on the couch. Then she immediately hung her head in shame.


Sox on the Couch


Gah! When Brad texted me that photo, I couldn’t even get mad. In fact, I LAUGHED. Not much else I could do at that point. What a little punk. One day when we replace our couches it will obviously need to be for a set in a darker color.



Sox on the Patio


Oh and now our patio is tattooed with pawprints. How cute.


Day in the Life :: A Walk in My Tuesday Shoes

I’ve seen this topic on a few different blogs over the past couple weeks and thought I’d jump on the bandwagon. Personally I find reading everyone’s schedule very interesting because I love seeing the differences and how others manage their free time. Sometimes I feel there aren’t enough hours in a day so this helps me see what I’m spending the most time on and where I could probably tweak a few things.

3:45am: Alarm goes off. Hit snooze once, die a little inside, crawl out of bed, get changed, leash up the dogs, and head out for a run.

4:15-5:15am: Run for 45-60 minutes

5:15-5:45am: Stretch/cooldown & have a protein shake. While Brad gets ready, I watch a little TV, make us iced coffees and get his lunch together if he needs one. He leaves for work at 5:45.

5:45-6:45am: Shower & get ready for work. Pray the indentation from my headlamp on my forehead goes away soon. Try to convince Sox that going into her crate is the best idea ever. Chase her around the house. Finally tackle her and carry the squirming 48-pound puppy to the crate.


6:45-8:00am: Commute to work. Leaving at 6:45 lately isn’t getting me to work by 8, more like 8:15 or 8:20. Will probably have to push back the time I leave the house by 15 minutes or so. I hate commuting.


8:00-11:00am: Sit down at my desk, take all of my jewelry off. So weird. I don’t know why I still bother wearing a watch or bracelets. Also, is it obvious I love my dogs?


The first hour or so I spend catching up on emails while getting some caffeine in my system and eating breakfast. I work in the Finance department for an online HR software company and at this time of the month most of my day is spent processing vendor invoices, billing current customers, and working on collections.

11:00-11:45am: I almost always eat lunch at my desk. If I don’t have something in the fridge or freezer, I’ll head to Whole Foods Express in the building next door. That can be expensive so I try to keep those trips to a minimum. Sometimes I’ll use my lunch hour to draft a blog post. If I finish (which is very unlike me because it usually takes 2 hours and 400+ edits) then I’ll schedule it to post the following morning. If not, I’ll finish it later that night and then schedule.

12:00-5:00pm: More of the same tasks from the morning, in addition to answering emails, returning phone calls, and attending meetings.

5:00-6:30pm: Commute home. Getting out of work is bittersweet: happy to be done for the day but not excited for the drive.

Commute 2

6:30-7:30pm: Cook & eat dinner. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to have dinner on the table by 7, but most of the time it’s closer to 7:30. When we’re done eating, Brad washes the dishes and cleans the kitchen. Always. Without me asking. Because he is awesome.

7:30-8:30pm: We’ll watch a show from the DVR after dinner and play with the dogs for a bit. And most of the time dessert happens in this window too.


8:30-9:30pm: Time for bed! Yep, that early. Sometimes we’ll try to watch another show in bed but Brad is almost always asleep by 9 (with glasses still on and remote in hand) so it’s rare that happens. If I’m still not tired, I’ll watch Friends at 9:30 but more often than not the lights are out by then. A 10pm bedtime means 6 hours of sleep and it’s just not ideal.


And that’s it! Now that I look at it, I guess there really isn’t much wiggle room during the day. Pretty much every minute is accounted for.

This is probably the most interesting to me, so I want to know: What time do you go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning?

The F- Word


Yesterday marked the beginning of a new season. If you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter for 30 seconds lately, there isn’t a doubt in my mind you’ve heard this particular season was just around the corner. Those dreaded PSL (Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, for those who wisely avoid Starbucks) mentions, UGG boot sightings, and chatter about crisp, cool mornings. All things reminiscent of that F- word, otherwise known as…


Since it’s only mid-September, the southern half of the US still has no idea what it’s like to wear long-sleeves or have the desire to go apple picking. I mean, my damn A/C has the electric bill jacked up over $200 and as much as I love seeing Sam Adams Octoberfest in the grocery store, I can’t justify drinking it while sweating. As far as the South is concerned, it’s still summer.

But you see, yesterday while walking out of the garage I felt a breeze cooler than 80 degrees. Hard to believe, but it was even cooler than 70.

Austin Weather

We’ve been hitting the pavement at 4am during the week and the lowest I’ve seen was 75 (and that was with 90% humidity) so this was basically a gift from heaven that didn’t require an absurdly early wakeup call.


The dogs have been running every mile with us and yesterday the plan was to tackle 5 miles with a double out-and-back, which allowed for a swim break at the halfway point. Probably not 100% necessary since the weather was gorgeous but Bo (who hasn’t run 5 miles in 3+ years) definitely picked up the pace on the back half of the run.


It was a quiet morning and the miles were easy. Sox’s head was on a constant swivel since she had never been on the trail before and had to see EVERYTHING, so keeping her focused was interesting. Running in a straight line apparently isn’t something she’s interested in learning quite yet.



Once our miles were done, we spent an hour at Auditorium Shores so the dogs could play and swim a little. Well, Bo did most of the swimming. Sox paced up and down the shoreline a couple hundred times trying to decide if she wanted to get her feet wet. And then…

“Hey Bo … come closer. I want to play.”


“Closer. You’re still too far away.”


“Fine, I’ll come to you.”


“Oh SHIT, I’m going to die!”


“How do I swim?! I’m going to die.”


“I hate you guys. I can’t believe you just sat there and took pictures.”


Needless to say, she didn’t spend a lot of time in the water after that.


Sunday morning got me pretty pumped for fall, but my hopes and dreams were crushed when I saw this week’s forecast:

September Austin Weather

Rude. Just rude.

Welp, that brief glimpse was glorious, but fall is still a mythical creature I’m waiting to encounter. And hopefully sooner than later.

That damn F- word.

Over the Weekend…

… I became legitimately upset when I realized how big Sox is getting. In two months she has gained twenty pounds. Um hi, you can stop that now.

Sox - June vs August

… I donated a ton of clothes to Goodwill. In Florida I always had great luck with selling a few things to Plato’s Closet, but it seems since I stopped dressing in Hollister and A&F they’re no longer interested in my clothes. So I dropped two garbage bags off at our Goodwill store on Sunday morning.

… my Erin Condren planner came in the mail. I had been tracking its whereabouts on the USPS website incessantly and was stoked when it arrived slightly ahead of schedule. There’s a few issues I have with it but it’s only because I’m comparing it to last year’s edition. Here are my thoughts:

– The cover isn’t as sturdy. It’s still more durable than most planners on the market, but I noticed a difference right out of the box.

– The coil doesn’t appear to be made of the same material, causing the pages to catch slightly when you turn them. Maybe it just needs to be broken in. I honestly can’t remember if this was something I noticed last year, but want to say no.

– The color on the cover doesn’t extend all the way to the coil. When I designed the cover, I requested a black background. Well, the black stops just before the coil and you can see the first page of the planner through the cover. Nitpicking? Probably.

95% of the planner is exactly the same and the issues I have are purely cosmetic – not a huge deal. The pages inside are nearly identical to last year’s edition, with the addition of a section on the bottom of the weekly pages for meal planning or workout scheduling. I actually really like that feature because in the past I’d use the ‘night’ section to meal plan or jot down notes about a blog post.

Erin Condren Planner

… I put booze in my cupcakes. Yep, you read that correctly. Jenna posted a recipe for Chocolate Cake with Pinot Noir Frosting on Friday and she had me at Pinot Noir. I couldn’t frost a cake properly if you paid me a million bucks so I opted to go the cupcake route instead. And the “drink-wine-with-cupcakes” route.


… this Caramelized Onion, Gruyere, and Pepper Bacon Pizza also came out of my kitchen. Note: this recipe is not for the starving and impatient. I begged the onions to caramelize faster pretty much the entire time, but you and I both know that didn’t happen. Worth the wait though! I also added chopped sun-dried tomatoes and crushed red pepper flakes. One of these days I’ll make a recipe the way it was intended. Wait. No I won’t.

… I made Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Cream Cheese. We’re pretty much obsessed with the Einstein Bros version so when I realized I had a ton of sun-dried tomatoes in the fridge (hence the addition in the aforementioned pizza) it only made sense to whip up a batch from scratch. It’s even BETTER than Einstein Bros. So good.

… we finished the first season of Chicago Fire. We hardly watch any shows during the summer (with the exception of Burn Notice, which is in its last season anyway) so we took advantage of a free month of HuluPlus by getting caught up on CF.


We watched the final 3 episodes of the season (including the finale) in May and had NO FREAKING CLUE what was going on. So now we’re all caught up and ready for the next season to start in September. Also: Taylor Kinney, who plays Kelly Severide, is dating Lady Gaga. AND was in her music video for “You & I”.  Mind = Blown.

… the dogs enjoyed two full mornings at the park.



And then two full afternoons of napping (and sometimes in my lap)


Swimming and chasing other dogs is strenuous stuff. I can’t imagine how difficult their lives must be. Poor things.

Finish this sentence: Over the weekend ________________________.

Tuesday Things

Caution: 100% randomness lies ahead. You’ve been warned.

I ordered a new Erin Condren planner. Surprisingly I actually used the 2012-13 one for the entire year, which NEVER happens when it comes to planners. Pre-EC I’d buy three or four generic ones a year and then toss them in our office after a month. Erin Condren is the BEST. What’s not the best is the wait time between order and delivery. But I guess it’s a small price to pay for a personalized planner. Sometimes I don’t understand how I became such a nerd.

I’m no longer a FitFluential Ambassador. To be honest, this was a long time coming. I truly appreciated the opportunity but in the end it just wasn’t for me. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Summer running is the freakin’ devil. Last summer I dealt with the heat by running after 9pm when the temperature was only 90 degrees but because Brad’s alarm goes off at 3:45, we can’t run that late anymore. We’ve also been having the dogs run with us and (unsurprisingly) they’re heavily panting with side-tongue pretty much a quarter-mile in. Ugh. Fall, I’m ready for you.

Texas Summer

The secret menu at Torchy’s Tacos is not to be missed. Last weekend when Paula was in town we made a trip to Torchy’s for dinner. I hadn’t been since they unveiled the secret menu so ordering items from it was a necessity.

Torchy's Secret Menu

On the left is the Ace of Spades, which is jalapeno sausage and grilled brisket topped with a fried egg, green chile queso, cotija cheese, sour cream, more cheese (!!) and Diablo sauce. This one was REALLY good. If I knew it was going to be bigger than their normal tacos I probably would have only ordered one. And then Paula wouldn’t have yelled at me for not finishing my dinner.

On the right is the Trailer Park Hillbilly Style which is fried chicken, chorizo, chopped bacon, green chiles, queso and poblano ranch. I’m a sucker for an amazing ranch so this one was the big winner for me.

Watching the bats from a cruise is much better than watching from the bridge. Austin is home to the largest urban bat colony in North America. FREAKY. Almost every night between March and October roughly one million bats leave their home under the Congress Bridge at dusk in search of food. I’ve seen them several times from the bridge, but Paula, Brad and I decided to take a cruise out on Lady Bird Lake to watch them last weekend.

Congress Bridge Sunset

The cruise was only ten bucks and worth every penny. Added perk: BYOB! We packed a cooler full of beer and headed out on a cruise around the lake.

I made a dent in one of my 2013 goals, which was to revamp the office. I spent a good portion of Saturday locked in the office organizing like a mad woman. Back in February we bought a bigger bed for the master bedroom and a few things had to be moved into the office. And when we’re cleaning the living + dining rooms, a lot of things get put into the office and we just shut the door. Suffice it to say, that room is damn mess. Well, WAS. Turns out there is actually a floor in there. Who knew!

I’m really loving this Solemate Portable Speaker.

Solemate Portable Speaker (2)

Brad and I pretty much cleaned the entire house on Saturday and this speaker moved with us from the patio to the office to the garage. We played music from our phones using the Bluetooth but you can also connect it to your laptop or iPod. It was nice to bring it from room to outside without having to worry about it being plugged in! You can also answer phone calls or chat via Skype through the speaker, although I haven’t tested that part out yet. The sound is great and the battery life would have lasted our entire cleaning spree if it wasn’t for that hot mess in the office.

Solemate Portable Speaker

Disclaimer: I received the Solemate Portable Speaker from Jabra in exchange for reviewing their product. All opinions are my own. And my opinion is that this thing rocks. Literally.

The puppy is getting way too big, way too fast.

At the rate she’s going, I should be able to ride her like a pony around the backyard next month.

The One with Justin Moore, Independence Brewing, and the Nuun Giveaway Winner

This past weekend was one of the busiest we’ve had in a long time. It started off slow with an uneventful 4th of July. We spent the afternoon sitting in our neighbor’s driveway in lawn chairs drinking Bud Light cans {aka how Texas does Independence Day} and I made these amazing chicken cheesesteaks for dinner. Not the standard 4th BBQ-esque meal, but they were REALLY good. But how could they not be good, hello – QUESO.

Chicken Quesosteak


Anyway, Brad, Sox, and I watched the fireworks from the back patio while Bo hid from them under the bed in our guestroom. Poor guy. Sox didn’t seem phased by the loud noises at all so hopefully she won’t end up afraid of fireworks like Bo.

dog under the bed

Friday I opted not to dip into my PTO and worked from home. Pretty sure 90% of my office (and most of our clients) took the day off, so it was pretty slow. At 5 we headed down to San Antonio for a concert.

Justin Moore - Cowboys Dancehall

We bought the tickets for this show pre-Sox. Generally we stay the night but didn’t want to leave her locked up in the crate for that long, so we decided to drive back home after the concert ended. San Antonio is only about 90 minutes away – not horrible.


I hadn’t read or heard anything about an opener and expected the headliner to start around 9:30 or 10. But at 10:30, the house band took the stage. And everyone around us was pretty damn hammered. Since we were driving back, we only had a couple beers each and stopped drinking around 10. This made the drunk people around us SUPER annoying.

Just after 11, Justin Moore came on. It took a little while to find a spot (tickets are General Admission) that wasn’t overrun by screaming teeny boppers, obnoxious drunk dudes, or people in front of me who were pushing 7 feet tall. But once we got situated, it was an awesome show! Easily in the top 3 country concerts I’ve been to.


By the time we got out of there and on the road, it was almost 1:30am and I was beat. We stopped for gas and I grabbed a small coffee so I’d be able to stay awake and keep Brad company as he drove home. We crawled into bed shortly after 3.

Sox was wide awake and ready to play just a few hours later at 6am. She clearly doesn’t understand that weekends are for sleeping in. Is this what having a child is like? Because I still have no interest in having one. Ever. We had plans to go to the First Saturday event at Independence Brewery so we drank copious amounts of coffee, packed up the dogs, and headed for South Austin.

Independence Brewing Co

The brewery holds this event the first Saturday of every month. You pay $10 for a wristband and get a pint glass + 3 full-sized beers. There’s live music, food trucks, and you can bring your dogs. Pretty sweet deal.




We were slightly unprepared since it was eleventy billion degrees outside and didn’t bring a pop-up tent (which we don’t own – minor detail) but one kind man offered us a spot under his spare tent. SO NICE!


Our dogs became fast celebrities. Everyone wanted to meet them, pet them, and know if Sox was Bo’s daughter.






On our way home we stopped at the park so the pups could swim a little bit and when we got home around 6, our evening looked like this:


I think we were in bed that night before 8. It was definitely still light out but couldn’t imagine staying awake another minute. Three hours of sleep had finally caught up with me.

Sunday morning Sox woke up at 6:30 (which was SLIGHT improvement from the day before but nowhere near the 8am I’d prefer) and we headed to the dog park at 7.









Oh and this “puppy” of ours has gained 9 pounds in the month since we rescued her. She’s probably going to grow up to be a horse, just like Bo.

I spent that afternoon in the kitchen cooking and baking a million things, followed by a bunch of a laundry, cooking dinner, and then another early bedtime.  This weekend was the exact opposite of my recent ‘laziest weekend ever’ but somehow we didn’t spend a ton of money AND I felt fully rested Monday morning. I’ll take it!

PS. I swear this isn’t going to turn into a puppy blog. I just registered for my fall race and will have details (and the training plan!) posted later this week! Melissa DOES still run.

And now for the Get Your Nuun On :: A Nuun Hydration Giveaway winner!

Nuun Giveaway

And the winner is…

Nuun Giveaway Winner

Danielle from It’s a Harleyyy Life! Please email me your mailing address + flavor choice to melissaliciatx {at} gmail.com and we’ll get that 4-pack of Nuun out to you ASAP!

Thanks to everyone who entered! Don’t forget you can still use discount code hydrateHTC on Nuun’s website for 15% off!

Tuesday Things

1. I registered for my first 2014 race.

Austin 2014

Using that word “register” fairly loosely considering I didn’t have to put out a dime for next year’s Austin Half. Race organizers were trying to bring in some more registrations (possibly down due to their previous title sponsor and Lance’s PED scandal in the media – that’s just my opinion though) so they ran a BOGO one-day deal: register for the 2013 race and they would comp your entry into 2014.

Austin Marathon One-Day Deal

Brad and I jumped on that IMMEDIATELY. For once in my life, procrastination paid off. I don’t expect that to happen again. Ever.

In any case, this race is one of my favorites in town and I’m excited to run it for the 4th year in a row!


2. I entered the lottery for another race in 2014.


I went back and forth on this one probably a billion times. It falls on the same day as 3M, which has the fastest half marathon course in Austin and is where my current 13.1 PR is from. As much as I’d love to run 3M again, I was itching to try something new. Obviously running Houston will be a little more expensive since it requires a hotel stay and 3-hour drive, but the change of scenery will be worth it.

And if my luck plays out the way it does 99.9% of the time, I won’t get selected in the lottery and will be running the 3M Half Marathon for its 20th Anniversary.

Either way I’ll be racing on January 19, 2014. Location: TBD.

3. I’ve become slightly concert obsessed.

I’ve seen more concerts in the past six months than I have in probably my entire life. It started last fall when I saw Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan in San Diego. Holy crap. SO MUCH FUN. Country concerts are so much better than most Top 40 artists because they actually sound the same as they do on the radio.

615971_10100183422831305_388190108_oWe came back from San Diego and immediately bought tickets to see Brantley Gilbert in October. And Easton Corbin in November. And Chris Cagle in December. It helps that the venue we go to sells tickets for $8-12 so it’s not like we’re breaking the bank.


Then in March the Austin Rodeo happened. We saw Kip Moore one weekend and Gary Allan the next.




Last weekend we saw George Strait, Miranda Lambert, and Martina McBride put on a killer show in San Antonio. And two days later I bought tickets to see Justin Moore in July. And the day after we jumped at the chance to get tickets for Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert at the new Austin 360 Amphitheater in September. Then in October we’re going to see Jason Aldean, Jake Owen, and Thomas Rhett in Dallas.

AND! I saw Fallout Boy at Stubbs on Sunday night. They don’t quite fit in the country genre but the show was A LOT of fun.




Hi Pete Wentz.

So yeah. I may need a concert intervention at some point. But it’s so hard to say no when tickets are only ten bucks!

4. We added a new member to our family.


Meet Sox! We’ve been talking about getting another dog for quite awhile now and finally pulled the trigger on it this week. I freakin’ love her. How cute is that face?! I’m fully aware it might be less cute when she starts chewing on my running shoe collection. But for now … how cute is that face?!


Bo isn’t too sure what he thinks of Sox yet. Probably has something to do with him being 104 pounds and her only being 10. She’s basically a toy.


Our love for the Red Sox isn’t apparent at all. {Boston Red Sox}

5. I’m flabbergasted over this “Tebow to the Pats” announcement.

I have no doubt that Belichick has a plan up his sleeve, but I’m still in the WTF phase of acceptance.

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That seems about right.

Maybe in signing Tebow Belichick & Brady can get some inside info from him. Like why God hates the #Patriots so much in recent years.

And that too. Find out for us, would ya Tebow? K thanks.