What I’ve Been Up To

Merry {belated} Christmas!


I’ve been pretty much “unplugged” for the past week and it was glorious! Sometimes you just need to take a little time for yourself.

Leslie and I met up at Brushy Creek on rainy and cold Christmas Eve morning. The weather may not have been ideal but the company was great and we chatted the whole time, making the 4 mile run pass by fairly quickly.

I spent the remainder of Saturday planted on the couch watching football with a mimosa in hand.



I’m heading into week 2 of the fantasy football championship down by 2 points. Not happy.

Saturday night I recreated Carrabbas’ Chicken Bryan dish for dinner, and then we watched Jim Carrey’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Taylor Momsen as Cindy Lou Who and Jim Carrey as the Grinch in ``How the Grinch Stole Christmas.''

Christmas morning we each opened our gifts and sent Bo on a treasure hunt to find his present.


Only a few short hours later it looked like this:


Then we feasted on eggs benedict and popped open another bottle of champagne for mimosas.


Around 4pm we switched from mimosas to wine and got started on dinner.

On the menu: Spinach Salad with Pears, Candied Walnuts, and Blue Cheese.


Followed by Ribeyes with Burgundy Butter and Garlic Stuffed Hasselback Potatoes with Herbed Sour Cream. Heavenly.


It was such a relaxing day and an absolutely great first Christmas together!

Monday was the 2nd Annual Operation Jack Satellite Run.


I covered the 10k distance in 1:13 and then tacked on a bit more to round it out at 8 miles. I didn’t PR, nor was it the most enjoyable run I’ve ever done (due to the mimosas & wine the day before), but I went out there and got it done.


And for that, I get a medal.


Scenes from the Weekend



We whipped up breakfast tacos for dinner, as well as a full pot of coffee.

Best laid plans.


The handle decided it despised the pot and removed itself from the situation. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen mid-wash or while it was empty. Noooo, it happened with a piping hot pot of coffee. Handle snapped off and the pot smashed against the countertop, sending shards of glass to the floor to swim in a pool of coffee.

So sad.

RIP Mr. Coffee, it was a glorious two years.


The Christmas decorations finally made their way down from the attic. Once I got to unpacking them, it was clear the coffee pot wasn’t the only casualty of the weekend.



For those keeping score: Austin Extreme Summer Heatwave 1, Melissa’s Entire Collection of Christmas Candles 0

Again, so sad.

An emergency trip to the mall was necessary.




Brad cleaned up the old candle holders so I could add the tealights



Crisis averted!

Saturday Night

I decided it would be a brilliant idea to peel forty (no exaggeration) cloves of garlic to make this recipe, a variation of Ina Garten’s. The dish was 100% without a doubt worth the effort.


The chicken was served with creamy polenta, based off of this gem I found from the Pioneer Woman. Rather than goat cheese I stirred in a couple tablespoons of Philly Italian Cheese & Herb Cooking Crème.




I had one more fire to put out.


You see that? That’s what Target looks like before all of the crazies come out to play. Shop early in the morning and you will add years to your life!

Wanna take a guess what I went for?


No, not a new coffeemaker…


Just a new pot! Thank you Target (and Mom!), you just saved our Sunday.


All is right in the world again.

What’s your favorite coffee (or tea) flavor?

Five for Friday

1. I am oh so jealous of everyone running Vegas this Sunday.


Good luck to Paula, Michelle, Cely, Ali, Ashley, and all of the other runners dominating the strip at night!


I wouldn’t mind joining in on Sarah & Emily’s sparkly mimosa spectating extravaganza. Those that can’t run, drink. They’ve got the right idea.

2. I’m really looking forward to my 5K this weekend.


While perusing the race website yesterday I discovered all participants receive long sleeved shirts and  … jingle bells! I honestly can’t tell you what I’ll do with them but I’m pretty damn excited. Christmas related items rank incredibly high in my book, and jingle bells are no exception.


Some say rain is what PRs are made of, and since See Jane Run ripped the opportunity out from under me to see if this statement was true, I’ll be testing my luck on Sunday. In holiday attire. Here’s a sneak peek:


3. These cookies are EVIL.


Sugar cookies with a chocolate coated bottom and sprinkles. Sound pretty innocent, right? Please don’t be fooled. I bought them a couple weeks back for $2.99 at Target not expecting much. But once that last cookie was gone, we were distraught. I’ve never been impressed with sugar cookies but these stole my heart.

Then we went to Target earlier this week to pick up a few necessities. On display right in front of the store were many, many packages of these cookies for $0.99. Ninety-nine cents! Before I even knew what was happening, there were two packages in our basket.


I want to tell you to buy them, but don’t want you to hate me when you realize you just.can’t.stop.eating.them. Seriously.

4. My office holiday party is tonight.


Dueling piano bar, casual attire, open bar, and free cabs home. Does it get better than that?

Don’t think so.

5. We’ll FINALLY be decorating for Christmas tomorrow. And by finally I mean I still can’t believe we didn’t do it on Black Friday like the past few years.


Once the decorations are up I bounce around the house like a five year old.


Something about twinkling lights, sparkly garland, and Christmas Cookie candles make me giddy. And seeing our dog pose next to the tree Winking smile


And once the decorations are up, it gives me an excuse to watch Elf every day and tell everyone around me that I like to smile because smiling’s my favorite.


We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.


Your turn: what’s something you’re excited about this weekend?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Yesterday after lunch, I found myself with thirty more minutes before I was due back at work. It was beautiful outside, so I decided to take advantage of it by going for a nice stroll down Congress.


I love working two short blocks from the Capitol Building.


The Capitol Christmas Tree Lighting is this weekend, so they were getting the tree ready for the event.



I wasn’t able to attend the lighting last year, and unfortunately won’t be able to this year either. But here’s a photo from 2009 courtesy of the Statesman:


Personally, I think the tree could be a little bigger 😉

If you are in the Austin area, it definitely seems worth checking out. Here is the schedule for Saturday:

    • 6:00-6:50pm: Holiday Sing-Along
    • 6:50-7:00pm: Tree and Congress Avenue Lighting
    • 7:00-9:00pm: Holiday Stroll & Performances on Congress

The holiday season is upon us, and I LOVE it 🙂