The Inevitable Demise of a Runner’s High

Well. I knew it couldn’t last forever. I’d been riding that runner’s high for almost two years and right before Grandma’s Marathon, it started to fizzle out. The race reignited the flame a tiny bit, pushing me to wonder what type of PR I could pull off at Indy Monumental in November.

I intended on taking a little time off after Grandma’s to recover… and a few days turned into a few weeks. I started taking the train to work, and due to the transit schedule it meant I would no longer be able to run the trail after work or attend my favorite spin class. Summer arrived with a vengeance and my desire to run outside plummeted to 0%.

So here we are, roughly six weeks out from Indy. I’m toying with the idea of dropping down to the half distance and attempting another PR. If I go this route, then I’d register for a marathon in early 2018 (Austin) and shift my focus to that. But I really want to run the full in Indy! Super conflicted right now. I have until October 16th to make a decision on the distance.

Either way, I’m excited to spend another race weekend with Lora! One day we’ll plan a vacation which doesn’t revolve around an endurance event. Maybe…

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