Friday Five :: Grandma’s Marathon Weekend

  1. ALL THE THINGS. I am not one to buy a lot of crap at the race expo because I believe it’s bad luck. Worse luck than wearing the race shirt during the race. What if you don’t finish? It’s a lot of pressure. But things got a little crazy on Friday and I found myself at the register with a t-shirt, pint glass, and bottle opener. I feel like that’s conservative, no?F143AE44-98F7-4477-9DAA-C83EA92CBCA2 (1)
    Because I felt it was necessary to have a Grandma’s Marathon-related item to wear every single day of the week, Saturday night at the Rock the Big Top party I purchased another hoodie. Sure, maybe I can only wear it 4 days a year where I live on the surface of the sun in Texas, but whatever.
  2. That 5k. In addition to not buying crap, I also don’t believe in shakeout runs prior to a marathon. As in, I’ve never done one. Ever. Registering for the Great Grandma’s Challenge meant we were in for a 5k at 6:00pm at Friday night.melissalicia512_22_6_2017_22_38_13_740
    Our game plan was to take it suuuuuper slow and just have fun. While this was a great plan, I’m pretty sure everyone in our general vicinity HATED us as we casually threw down a few miles and chatted/laughed the entire way. Our finish line video was comical. Casually strolling through 3.1 miles is not something most people do twelve hours before a marathon. But when you’ve lost your mind as a runner, it’s completely normal.


  3. Our hotel. The only reason I’m letting you in on this secret is because we’ve already secured our spot for 2018. Call me selfish, but that’s fine. The Hampton Inn Duluth was less than a ten minute walk from the shuttle to the start and even closer to the finish. Parking was free. The views were incredible. But my favorite part? Coffee all day, every day. And free breakfast served at 4am on race morning. Even though that morning I wasn’t super hungry, it was great to know I had options only a few steps from our room. I’ll never forget when the hotel we stayed at for Marine Corps said they’d have coffee out at 5am and there was none to be found. I will starve before a race, but no coffee? Deal breaker. Race Morning
  4. Sunday was an excellent day. We slept in a bit and took our time before heading back to Minneapolis. Then we hit up Target Field for the Twins/Indians game at 1pm, followed by an afternoon of exploring which may or may not have went late into the evening. Didn’t hate it.


  5. Post-Race Recovery. Monday the DOMS set in and my right leg was a little janky, causing me to drag it behind like a peg leg. Thankfully that subsided on Tuesday but Monday was pretty rough. We had a delightful patio lunch at Psycho Suzi’s where we consumed a lot of cheese curds + pizza. This meal may have been my favorite of the entire weekend. Immediately following this, we proceeded to sit real freaking hard on the couch and put a sizable dent into season 9 of Friends. Maybe I was on vacation and should have been exploring, but this was exactly what I needed after the busy weekend we had.

    Aerial Lift Bridge

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  1. Seriously, still impressed that you timed that picture perfectly for that bird to photobomb.

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