Westward Bound

After several years of dreaming about running the Mother of All Relays, this Friday I will finally make my way to the starting line at the Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood. Over the course of two days my 11 Wild Berry teammates and I will cover 200-ish miles through beautiful Oregon.


We received our itineraries from Nuun for the week and I’m kinda-sorta-maybe-ridiculously pumped for what’s in store for us. I poked around on Yelp and Googled “Top 10 Things to Do in Seattle” over the weekend, compiling a list of restaurants to try and landmarks to visit. Also if I could find a nametag somewhere that reads “Hello, my name is: TOURIST” that would be ideal.

After skimming flight times and plans for the week, the amount of sleep I won’t be getting between Wednesday and Sunday is glaringly obvious. Maybe I should have taken another day off post-relay?

Wednesday: 3:30am wake-up call, 6am flight to the west coast

Thursday: all sorts of jetlag, 5:00am wake-up [guaranteed it] – 8:30am shakeout run

Friday: 4:30am departure for Van 1 of Team Wild Berry – proceed to stay up for 36 hours

Saturday: still awake from Friday, most likely suffering a severe case of delirium

Sunday: 5:30am departure for Seattle – fly for umpteen hours – return home to Austin at midnight

Monday: sleepwalk to work.

Stay tuned for incoherent tweets and desperate pleas for all of the coffee in all of the land. But guess what? I don’t care! Because I will be running HOOD TO COAST and it’ll be 110% worth it.10418999_927601913921803_1130609836037782024_nNow, let’s take a look at the legs I’ll be running on Friday/Saturday. I’m runner #6 [Van 1] which has the 4th most miles and the 4th most difficult legs. That freaked me out a little bit while typing it. Here’s what I’ve gotten myself into:

HTC Relay - Legs for Runner 6

NBD, just a few hills.

I was runner #6 during Ragnar Cape Cod as well and loved feeding off the energy at every major exchange. I’m also feeling pretty damn lucky to have snagged a spot in Van 1, since due to logistical issues and traffic Van 2 cannot go up to Mt. Hood. Being completely new to the PNW, I have a feeling the views will be amazingly breathtaking.

The HTC packing list is queued up in Google Sheets and I should be able to start check-check-checking things off tonight as they go into my bag. We have the option of leaving a larger suitcase at Nuun HQ during the relay so I’m struggling with whether I want to stuff the duffel to the brim or have a little extra breathing room for souvenirs in a suitcase on the way home. But larger suitcase = baggage fee. Decisions, decisions.

I have most of the day Wednesday and a few hours on Thursday free to explore all that Seattle has to offer. Any must-sees [other than the Space Needle, Starbucks, Pike Place Market, etc.] or restaurants I need to find my way to?

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  1. If you have limited time in Seattle, Pike Place is worth a trip. Piroshky Piroshky is a great place to hit for lunch/snack, and it’s right there by the market. If you want to go to an awesome restaurant, try to get in to How to Cook a Wolf – so good! Portage Bay Cafe is awesome for brunch, too. Have the best time!

    • You’re the third person to suggest Portage Bay Cafe, so that seems to be a definite YES on my list. Thanks for the recommendations!! 🙂

  2. I love Seattle. It’s one of the cities I wouldn’t mind moving to. I don’t really remember where I ate there but I got the most amazing gourmet popcorn at KuKuRuZa. It’s really close to Pike Place. I totally recommend bringing some of that goodness home to Brad. If it makes the trip home, that is.

    • P.S. I wouldn’t call the Starbucks a must-see. It’s a itty bitty Starbucks. Not really anything special except that it’s the first one.

      • Agreed! I assumed most people would throw that on a list of tourist-y places to check out so I added the disclaimer. I actually went out of my way to avoid the Starbucks haha

  3. GOOD LUCK!!! Hope it’s as much fun as it looks in pictures!!!
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