And I Will Run 200 Miles

… well, at least 13 of them.

Ragnar Relay Series

In roughly a month I’ll be heading up to Massachusetts to run Ragnar Relay Cape Cod with 11 strangers. In any other life situation this would be considered ridiculously dangerous and downright dumb. But since most of them are my Oiselle teammates and we’ve been chatting in our Facebook group for several months now, I think everything will be just fine. Also no one threatened to kick me out when I went all Type A on our doc in Google Drive. We’ll see what happens when I show up at our team dinner with color-coded binders for each van.

All jokes aside, I’m incredibly excited for Ragnar Cape Cod and have been counting down the days for months now. Since it’s my first relay that pretty much means I’ll do almost everything wrong.  I plan to Google “relay tips” eleventy billion times between now and then, filling my brain with everything I could possibly need to know to get through my 3 legs successfully. Speaking of legs, this is what’s in store for me as Runner #6:


I’m in the process of putting together a personal packing list and would love any additional input from those of you who have done a relay before. I have all of the basics down: 3 sets of running clothes packed into 3 separate Ziplock bags, baby wipes, comfortable clothes for downtime, portable charger, reflective vest/tail lights, etc. Please share your favorite “lifesaving” item for an overnight relay in the comments below!

Ideally I’d like to avoid checking a bag for the flight since handlers like to beat the crap out of duffel bags. Carrying on a bag will ensure everything I need for the relay makes it to Boston, which (unfortunately) isn’t a guarantee if the bag was checked. However, this means I probably can’t bring my Stick since TSA will likely assume it’s a weapon. Which, of course, it’s not.  Although my calves would beg to differ. A duffel bag will be big enough for 4 days, right? Please say yes.

Now I’d like to introduce you to my lovely team (if something happens to me, this list is a good place to start – kidding) and our fantastic sponsors!

Team Flock You Like a Hurricane

Ali // Anne // Rebecca // Kelly // Amy // Lindsay // Danielle // Greer // Carolyn // Jess // Jessie // Stacey


Oiselle // PRO Compression – use discount code FLOCK for 40% off all socks & sleeves // ShowerPill // EnergyBits // Pocket Fuel Naturals // Mission Athletecare

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  1. I’ve done 4 Ragnars before, and the best thing to have is a stopwatch. Makes keeping track of estimated times for your runners much easier! Hope this helps! Have a blast!
    Mo (@rushourunner) recently posted…3 things thursday [72]My Profile

  2. I’ve run 2 Ragnars, the Cape will be my 3rd, here’s a small thing that I found to be a game changer. Take a lanyard ID holder, unclip it, slide a roll of toilet paper on it, and put it back together. When it’s 3am and you’re in a dark port-o-poty, having the toilet paper securely around your neck is just one less thing to worry about. Good luck, I’m on “no sleep ’till p-town”, maybe I’ll see you out there.

  3. CANNOT WAIT! I have no advice because it’s my first Ragnar too. But I’m an experienced camper and I think it’s a lot of the same rules…. head lamp and baby wipes are clutch!
    Danielle @ Trails & Cocktails recently posted…More Spring RacingMy Profile

  4. Don’t forget Body Glide and best of luck to you! This is also my first Ragnar. SO excited! See you there! We are “Catch me if you Concentra”.

  5. just came across this in my mad google fest for ragnar cape cod. I have zero tips as it’s my first too, but good luck!! hoping the rainy forecast changes!!

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