In 2014, I Will Run

And that’s it.

In the past I’ve declared a certain distance or time as my goal for that particular year. Whether it be to run a full marathon or PR in the half, I was always worked towards something running-related with a number tied to it. In 2013 I stepped away from that approach and simply wanted to focus on quality over quantity. Unfortunately, I didn’t exactly follow through on that.

2013 Austin Races

I jammed a million races into the spring and didn’t PR any of them. Don’t get me wrong: I know not every race is going to be at a hard effort and yield satisfying results, but at least one of them should have in order to meet my goal of “quality > quantity”. Sometimes I get registration happy and want to sign up for every single race out there.

I managed to restrain myself from registering for the Rogue Distance Festival, and a handful of local 5Ks & 10Ks. All were fairly affordable and probably could have been squeezed into the budget, but somehow I made it into the spring with the same two races on my schedule that have been there since July: Houston Half & Austin Half. And I’ve decided not to “race” either of them. The holidays/road trip threw somewhat of a wrench in my training and running was put on the backburner. ALL MY FAULT. Not blaming anyone but myself. If Houston let you defer without having to pay again next year, I’d defer to 2015. But since they don’t and the hotel is already booked, to Houston I go.

So what’s next? Ragnar Relay Cape Cod with Oiselle Team


FINALLY! My first relay. I had hoped to run Hood to Coast with Nuun the past two years, but that didn’t pan out. I had planned on applying again in 2014 but we booked a trip to Mexico for that same week, and well, Mexico wins. Always. Back in the fall Jill tweeted about getting together a team of Oiselle runners for Ragnar Cape Cod. After countless emails back and forth, team Flock You Like a Hurricane was born + registered. So in the beginning of May I’ll be heading up to Cape Cod to run a 200-mile relay with Oiselle teammates I’ve never met. God I love the internet.


And then after that? Who knows! I’m forgoing a spring goal race and focusing solely on Ragnar. I’ll probably have a goal race in the fall (in addition to Ragnar Trail Hill Country in October, depending on whether or not my sister decides to get married that weekend) but I don’t want to rush into it or even start thinking about which race until April or May. I don’t want history to repeat itself so instead of racing the crap out of the spring and being burnt out by May, I want to enjoy no-pressure miles in the spring.

So that’s the plan for 2014. I will run, plain & simple.

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  1. I think I’m registered for half the races this season than I was last year (4 vs 8) and I’m loving it. Not that the two I’ve run already were any good, but I guess there’s still hope for the next two.

    But I am totally that burned out by May person. Trying not to do that this year. I still miss 3M though.

    • All of 3M’s posts on Facebook make me sad I’m not running this year. Houston better be worth it!

      Hope you avoid that pesky burnout this year. Don’t go on any registration binges or fall victim to peer pressure!

  2. I have signed up so far for 4 races but plan to do quite a few more. I will wait till I am 110% sure I will run those races before I register. At least with airfare and hotel I can cancel and get refund/credit but can’t do that with race registrations.

    Have fun on the relay race! I did the one from Madison to Chicago and had a blast. I think the next one I would like to do is the one in Key West.
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  3. Happy Runnings to you! 🙂 Cheers! 🙂
    Ja @Ja on the Run recently posted…Ja on the RUN is…My Profile

  4. Ummm, why was I not following your blog before?!?!?! How did I miss that?!?! You can be sure I am now!! I have some catching up to do!

    I like your simple statement. In 2014, you WILL run! 🙂

    I’m so glad to hear Cedar Park is flat!!! I will take flat and a bit boring over scenic hills any day of the week! I hope the post the course info soon! Hopefully once it’s up you can give me some details about the area.

    Thanks for all your help!
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