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Earlier this week the 3M Half Marathon celebrated their 20th Anniversary by hosting a pub run, Elf-style. The event popped up on do512 [if you’re in the Austin area, you need to follow them on Twitter and/or FB – you’ll never miss a thing in town] a few weeks ago and since Elf is one of my [and everyone else’s] favorite Christmas movies, I knew this a pub run that couldn’t be missed.

Elf Pub Run Collage

I’d tell you the route we ran, but I think 3M narrated it best:

So, grab all your “buddies,” meet at the Paramount and then “pass through the seven layers of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gumdrops, and jog through the Lincoln Tunnel.” Okay, okay…so it’s more like through the swirly twirly layers of downtown Austin construction, across 6th street (if you see gum there, don’t eat it, it isn’t free candy), around the Frosty tower, until you can follow the scent of the “world’s best sausage” and follow it to Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden at 79 Rainey Street. Once there, grab a pint of “holiday cheer” – a.k.a. complimentary local Austin beer and a sausage wrap from Banger’s that will be available for purchase for $8 cash. Then make your way back around the Frosty Tower, across 6th street (don’t hug anything there), through the swirly twirly layers of downtown construction, and back to the theatre for more “holiday cheer” a.k.a. complimentary local Austin beer and a 7:45pm screening of Elf.

There were approximately 300 runners so they sent about 20 of us off at a time, leaving a couple minutes between each wave. Downtown was decorated for Christmas so that definitely made the run more festive, despite the fact that it was 80 degrees outside (WTF Texas).

There were volunteers along the way holding signs with funny sayings adapted from the movie, like this one:


I didn’t wear my Garmin so I have no idea how far we actually ran to/from Banger’s, but obviously not far enough that a couple beers would make the trip back miserable. Our drink ticket got us each an Austin Beerworks Pearl Snap Pils, which surprisingly wasn’t bad. When I saw they were pouring light beer, I was disappointed – but it ended up being pretty decent. After that round we made the executive decision to skip the “World’s Best Sausage” and check out the 100+ beers on tap inside.



Um, I have trouble deciding what beer to have when there’s only 5 options on the menu… but 103? It took me ten minutes to make up my mind! They’re organized into categories like “Hop Heaven” and “Dark & Roasty” which was super helpful for the ones I had never heard of. There was a java stout calling my name, but the thought of drinking it and running afterwards just didn’t seem like a good plan, so I ended up with Founder’s Brewing’s Dirty Bastard scotch ale. It was REALLY good and had tons of flavor. Brad went with Sixpoint Global Warmer, which was good but super fruity.


After that round, we switched back into running mode and made our way back to the Paramount. Everyone received 2 tickets back at the theater which you could redeem for beer, popcorn, or other concessions. They were also handing out gift bags that included a water bottle, beer koozie, Texas-shaped Post-Its, and a 3M Half Marathon magnet. Oh and before the race they handed out reflective armbands to all of the runners. For a $15 pub run, I definitely think we got our money’s worth.

Before the movie started, race director John Conley awarded free entries to 3M in 2014 to the five best festively dressed runners. Loved Mr. Narwhal, very original!


And if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen this gem:


“It looks like a Christmas tree!” We act like adults approximately 5% of the time.

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