Puppy Pawprints

This face is so innocent. I should know better by now considering she’s been caught chewing on 3 different pairs of running shoes and destroyed two pairs of sunglasses. While I do still think she’s super adorable, there’s absolutely nothing innocent about this face.



Last week the remnants of a tropical storm rolled through Central Texas, dumping much-needed rain (currently in Stage 3 water restrictions, hence the current state of our “lawn”) over the area on Thursday and Friday. When Brad got home from work on Friday, he let Sox out of her crate so she could go outside and he went into the bedroom to change before her vet appointment. While in the backyard, Sox came across a small hole she had previously dug. Now it was filled with rainwater and she proceeded to dig a little more. If you’ve seen this video, you know that rain is one of her favorite things.

The Damn Hole


Once her paws were sufficiently caked with mud, she decided it was time to go back inside. And jump on the couch. Then she immediately hung her head in shame.


Sox on the Couch


Gah! When Brad texted me that photo, I couldn’t even get mad. In fact, I LAUGHED. Not much else I could do at that point. What a little punk. One day when we replace our couches it will obviously need to be for a set in a darker color.



Sox on the Patio


Oh and now our patio is tattooed with pawprints. How cute.


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  1. My yard is no longer safe. My not so innocent dog digs all the time. I’m convinced I’m going to harm myself.
    Renee recently posted…The Surprise Half MarathonMy Profile

  2. She’s such a buddy! How can you not love her?

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