The F- Word


Yesterday marked the beginning of a new season. If you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter for 30 seconds lately, there isn’t a doubt in my mind you’ve heard this particular season was just around the corner. Those dreaded PSL (Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, for those who wisely avoid Starbucks) mentions, UGG boot sightings, and chatter about crisp, cool mornings. All things reminiscent of that F- word, otherwise known as…


Since it’s only mid-September, the southern half of the US still has no idea what it’s like to wear long-sleeves or have the desire to go apple picking. I mean, my damn A/C has the electric bill jacked up over $200 and as much as I love seeing Sam Adams Octoberfest in the grocery store, I can’t justify drinking it while sweating. As far as the South is concerned, it’s still summer.

But you see, yesterday while walking out of the garage I felt a breeze cooler than 80 degrees. Hard to believe, but it was even cooler than 70.

Austin Weather

We’ve been hitting the pavement at 4am during the week and the lowest I’ve seen was 75 (and that was with 90% humidity) so this was basically a gift from heaven that didn’t require an absurdly early wakeup call.


The dogs have been running every mile with us and yesterday the plan was to tackle 5 miles with a double out-and-back, which allowed for a swim break at the halfway point. Probably not 100% necessary since the weather was gorgeous but Bo (who hasn’t run 5 miles in 3+ years) definitely picked up the pace on the back half of the run.


It was a quiet morning and the miles were easy. Sox’s head was on a constant swivel since she had never been on the trail before and had to see EVERYTHING, so keeping her focused was interesting. Running in a straight line apparently isn’t something she’s interested in learning quite yet.



Once our miles were done, we spent an hour at Auditorium Shores so the dogs could play and swim a little. Well, Bo did most of the swimming. Sox paced up and down the shoreline a couple hundred times trying to decide if she wanted to get her feet wet. And then…

“Hey Bo … come closer. I want to play.”


“Closer. You’re still too far away.”


“Fine, I’ll come to you.”


“Oh SHIT, I’m going to die!”


“How do I swim?! I’m going to die.”


“I hate you guys. I can’t believe you just sat there and took pictures.”


Needless to say, she didn’t spend a lot of time in the water after that.


Sunday morning got me pretty pumped for fall, but my hopes and dreams were crushed when I saw this week’s forecast:

September Austin Weather

Rude. Just rude.

Welp, that brief glimpse was glorious, but fall is still a mythical creature I’m waiting to encounter. And hopefully sooner than later.

That damn F- word.

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  1. I have been eagerly awaiting the fall temperatures that everyone else has been excited about for weeks. Yesterday was just about perfect! Cool enough to run in the morning (at 8am!) and yet warm enough for swimming a few hours later.
    Steph @ Steph Runs On recently posted…Five For FridayMy Profile

  2. Sox! I’m dying. Roo swimming for the first time was similar. She got over her fear, though, so don’t give up on little girl just yet! Love love love this.

    (Oh, and my condolences about fall).

    • Bo spends 95% of the time at the park in the water, just swimming back and forth across the lake. But Sox really has no interest in getting completely wet. I want to just toss her in but I also don’t want her to hate me! haha. Hopefully she’ll eventually come around.

  3. Awww, Sox. hahaha Those pics are great.

    Dude. Our electric bill this month was $400. FOUR HUNDRED. I almost had a heart attack. That’s $100 more than I’ve ever seen it. Usually it’s around $200 in the summer. Please hold me.
    Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run recently posted…Not So Magical DiningMy Profile

  4. Just 100% peed my pants…. man I love dogs 🙂
    Stacey recently posted…Longest Distance EverMy Profile

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