My Love/Hate Relationship with Instagram

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Instagram is neck and neck with Twitter for my favorite social media platform. Something about being able to scroll through a feed of awesome pictures makes this girl pretty happy. Maybe it’s the five year old in me enjoying the fact I don’t have to read anything. But sometimes I really hate Instagram. Sure, I could just quit using it. But guys … I love Instagram. And I ain’t no quitter. So I’m just going to bitch about it here to try to get it out of my system.

1. Let’s start with the “whoops-I-just-liked-this-picture-but-should-I-unlike-it?” issue. I know it’s happened to you one way or another. You’re scrolling through your feed and you swiftly double-tap a photo of [insert something you like here] a pair of beautiful neon running shoes … only to realize the caption reads “the culprit of my stress fracture”. Wait, I’m confused – am I supposed to like this picture? Because I feel guilty being a fan of those shoes that broke your foot. Do you WANT people to like it? Is it a pity picture? I don’t get it.

2. The god awful food pictures. 3X a day. Don’t get me wrong – I love a great photo of jaw-dropping, incredible food. But the close-up of a bowl full of food that’s unrecognizable? And overnight oats / OIAJ? Not doing it for me. If the food isn’t pretty (or can’t be salvaged with a filter) it doesn’t deserve a life on Instagram.

3. An excessive amount of selfies. Selfie when you wake up, selfie with your coffee, selfie after your run, selfie on the train, selfie at your desk at work, etc. ALL IN ONE DAY. Guess who wants to see all of those? No one. Just stop.

4. Instagram is NOT a photo album. You do not need to upload every single picture you take with your phone to Instagram. You know where is a good place to do that? Facebook. Take your 30+ photos per day to Facebook. I’m sure people won’t love it on there either, but at least they can block you.

5. “Too Much of a Good Thing” actually exists. I’ll let you in on one of my secrets to following people. I view the profile and focus on the top 6 pictures. For example, if 4 out of 6 photos are of your dog or child, I probably won’t follow (unless I know you IRL) ((my niece makes hilarious faces like this, so I won’t be unfollowing my sister))


Anyway, yes, that’s my black heart talking. I don’t like children or babies (black heart!!) so unless I’m related to you – probably not interested in seeing a billion pictures of them. I try to follow this rule myself because as much as I think that Sox is OMG THE MOST ADORABLE PUPPY IN THE WORLD, I’m sure everyone prefers variety over puppy-in-the-face 24/7.

This means I can throw a puppy picture in here, right? How bout two? Okay.



6. Eleventy billion hashtags. What is the purpose of that? To gain more followers? #TAGSFORLIKES #INSTASUMMER #INSTAGOOD. How about #STFU? Pretty sure no one is on Instagram searching any of the 10 tags you JUST MADE UP. This includes #omgnomnomnomholyyum


I think that’s all for now. It’s safe to say I probably have a little unfollowing action to do in the near future. Maybe I’m being too harsh and snarky. But you know what? I like what I like and that’s it.

What drives YOU crazy on Instagram? Who is your favorite person to follow? Mine is Jessica from How Sweet Eats. Perfect balance of food, booze, and makeup.

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  1. I agree with the pics of the babies and the selfies – if you used to be a childless person and posted interesting things and now only post baby pics, all set. That being said the exception to this is my sister’s Instagram where all she does is post a random pic of my niece here and there.

    I love the dog pics and the majority of what I post and what the accounts I follow post are dog pics.

    I try not to take any social media too seriously and ignore a lot of stuff because if I didn’t, I’d be angry about something that shouldn’t require so much of my energy!

    • I’m using the ‘hate’ very loosely, just a few things that bother me. I agree though, you can’t take social media too seriously 🙂

  2. I hate the people that turn their instagrams into commercials. I can handle an occasional #ad, but when that’s the majority I unfollow. How’s that advertising working for you now? I also can’t stand the people that almost exclusively post videos now that it’s an option. Apparently I have a lot of pent up instagram rage. haha

    • Not a fan of the #ad and #spon posts either. There are a few people I recently unfollowed for that same reason – every single post was for a campaign they were on. Basically they only posted because they were required to. No thanks.

      Confession: I don’t watch any videos on Instagram.

  3. HA! OMG yes to the excessive selfies! Drives me nuts. I love the dog pics, so obviously please post those with wild abandon. My biggest pet peeve is people liking their own photos. Dude, if you like your own selfie, I am going to punch you in the throat through the computer. (yes, that is rage you detect)

    • I appreciate the support – and LOVE the rage! Makes me feel not so alone. Ragey Melissas must stick together. Also, I have no intentions of quitting puppy photography.

  4. I confess I take a lot of pictures of my kids (mainly E now) – BUT I really like those Instagram filters! They are fun to play with — and I haven’t found any other apps that do the same. I do try to post pictures of more than that (especially now that I’m not on leave anymore!) but it’s an addiction! Lol. Oh, and it’s also one of the few forms of social media my mom doesn’t access. She loooooves to repost my pictures on FB, so I do it all on instagram now (these are my confessions…).

    I really hate the people who tag their posts with 800000 hashtags. I have unfollowed a few people for doing it excessively.
    Michelle recently posted…Life Lately – Labor Day EditionMy Profile

    • I actually thought of you when I was writing that part because I didn’t want you to take offense. Doesn’t apply to you! I consider you an IRL friend by way of Paula 🙂 One of these days we WILL meet up!

      • We will meet up! I just know there is an Austin race in my future.

        And I almost commented that I am never offended by people not loving the pictures of my kids. I feel that way about most people’s pets (while you are not a kid person, I am not a pet person – we balance each other out!). However, I think your puppies are freaking adorable.
        Michelle recently posted…Life Lately – Labor Day EditionMy Profile

  5. I’m completely with on the hash tags. #if #you #hashtag #everything #you #can #be #sure #iwill #unfollow!!! ;$
    Brandi recently posted…5 years, 50 states, I don’t know how many miles and 500 good deedsMy Profile

  6. This post is glorious. I have nothing more to add but it’s pure perfection.
    Hollie recently posted…Rock and Roll Half Marathon VA Beach (1:28.49)My Profile

  7. AHA!!! I loved this post. #1 drives me insane! INSANE!! Oats in a jar … no thanks. Too many selfless (unless I’m taking them) is totally unacceptable … bahaha! You made my day!
    happyTRIgirl recently posted…Ironman Canada ~ Whister: Race ReportMy Profile

  8. This made me laugh! You are so right on many of them. Follow me. You won’t be disappointed. 😉

  9. I am easily annoyed by the overuse of hashtags. I do not want to read five sentences where each word is a hashtag. So annoying.
    Steph @ Steph Runs On recently posted…Finally, something to write about!My Profile

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