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Caution: 100% randomness lies ahead. You’ve been warned.

I ordered a new Erin Condren planner. Surprisingly I actually used the 2012-13 one for the entire year, which NEVER happens when it comes to planners. Pre-EC I’d buy three or four generic ones a year and then toss them in our office after a month. Erin Condren is the BEST. What’s not the best is the wait time between order and delivery. But I guess it’s a small price to pay for a personalized planner. Sometimes I don’t understand how I became such a nerd.

I’m no longer a FitFluential Ambassador. To be honest, this was a long time coming. I truly appreciated the opportunity but in the end it just wasn’t for me. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Summer running is the freakin’ devil. Last summer I dealt with the heat by running after 9pm when the temperature was only 90 degrees but because Brad’s alarm goes off at 3:45, we can’t run that late anymore. We’ve also been having the dogs run with us and (unsurprisingly) they’re heavily panting with side-tongue pretty much a quarter-mile in. Ugh. Fall, I’m ready for you.

Texas Summer

The secret menu at Torchy’s Tacos is not to be missed. Last weekend when Paula was in town we made a trip to Torchy’s for dinner. I hadn’t been since they unveiled the secret menu so ordering items from it was a necessity.

Torchy's Secret Menu

On the left is the Ace of Spades, which is jalapeno sausage and grilled brisket topped with a fried egg, green chile queso, cotija cheese, sour cream, more cheese (!!) and Diablo sauce. This one was REALLY good. If I knew it was going to be bigger than their normal tacos I probably would have only ordered one. And then Paula wouldn’t have yelled at me for not finishing my dinner.

On the right is the Trailer Park Hillbilly Style which is fried chicken, chorizo, chopped bacon, green chiles, queso and poblano ranch. I’m a sucker for an amazing ranch so this one was the big winner for me.

Watching the bats from a cruise is much better than watching from the bridge. Austin is home to the largest urban bat colony in North America. FREAKY. Almost every night between March and October roughly one million bats leave their home under the Congress Bridge at dusk in search of food. I’ve seen them several times from the bridge, but Paula, Brad and I decided to take a cruise out on Lady Bird Lake to watch them last weekend.

Congress Bridge Sunset

The cruise was only ten bucks and worth every penny. Added perk: BYOB! We packed a cooler full of beer and headed out on a cruise around the lake.

I made a dent in one of my 2013 goals, which was to revamp the office. I spent a good portion of Saturday locked in the office organizing like a mad woman. Back in February we bought a bigger bed for the master bedroom and a few things had to be moved into the office. And when we’re cleaning the living + dining rooms, a lot of things get put into the office and we just shut the door. Suffice it to say, that room is damn mess. Well, WAS. Turns out there is actually a floor in there. Who knew!

I’m really loving this Solemate Portable Speaker.

Solemate Portable Speaker (2)

Brad and I pretty much cleaned the entire house on Saturday and this speaker moved with us from the patio to the office to the garage. We played music from our phones using the Bluetooth but you can also connect it to your laptop or iPod. It was nice to bring it from room to outside without having to worry about it being plugged in! You can also answer phone calls or chat via Skype through the speaker, although I haven’t tested that part out yet. The sound is great and the battery life would have lasted our entire cleaning spree if it wasn’t for that hot mess in the office.

Solemate Portable Speaker

Disclaimer: I received the Solemate Portable Speaker from Jabra in exchange for reviewing their product. All opinions are my own. And my opinion is that this thing rocks. Literally.

The puppy is getting way too big, way too fast.

At the rate she’s going, I should be able to ride her like a pony around the backyard next month.

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  1. Hey, what’s Sox doing in my chair? Have I taught her nothing? Also, I would like to see you ride her. But more like I rode the Jackolope. Just like that.

    Thanks for treating me to some more of Austin’s treasures! (The tacos and the bats and the puppy lovin. I think I need to go to Chuey’s next so the Ft. Hood peeps stop recommending it to me. heh)

    No before/after pictures of the office? Come on now!
    Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run recently posted…Taste of the Nation OrlandoMy Profile

    • Sox thought you made it look very comfortable so now she likes to nap there. Also, she thanks you for sharing.

      I’m afraid of the day I take you somewhere that you hate. Will my tour guide status be revoked? Oh the horror…

      The office is still very much a WIP, considering there’s a king-sized comforter on the twin-sized daybed in there and it looks ridiculous. But we rearranged all the furniture and it looks much bigger. And the floor has been discovered. Baby steps!

  2. Dude. Not cool. I have been staving off the urge to order an Erin Condren planner for weeks. Now that I know it’s totally worth it, this makes it harder.

    Congratulations on your freedom from ambassadorhood.

    And also, I heart Sox. She looks like a good cuddler.

    • Ah! Sorry for being an enabler. I only half-believed the hype when I ordered my first one last year. But the fact that my everyday purse choice was based upon whether or not it could fit the planner says a lot. We are inseparable.

      Sox will be a PERFECT cuddler, once all of her damn teeth fall out. I have so many scratches and baby-teeth sized holes on my hands and forearms. And she hasn’t lost a single one yet so I think we have a loooong road ahead of us…

      • OK, so I need a new bag, too, is what you’re telling me. Life is hard.

        Oh that’s the worst–I looked more like I had a cat than a dog when Roo was in that phase. I especially liked when her little fangs poked holes in all my yoga pants.

  3. I love that TX map! I will have to steal it if you don’t mind 🙂 I’ve heard great things about Torchys, they have it in Dallas! Still have not been!

    • Absolutely! I stole it from somewhere else too, maybe a Buzzfeed? Veryyyy accurate, right down to the ‘summerer’ haha 🙂

      And YES, you must try Torchy’s! You won’t be disappointed. Promise!

  4. Last sentence? Perfect end to the blog post. I also, would like to see this riding of Sox. I’ll be on the look out for your IG video in the near future 😉

  5. Kim
    Twitter: HealthyInCity

    So where can I find this mysterious secret menu at Torchy’s? I go to one of the Dallas locations every now and then with my running crew after our Saturday long runs and it would be good to mix things up a bit!
    Kim recently posted…Review Of 2013: JulyMy Profile

  6. I saw those planners for the 1st time a couple weeks ago…to be honest it seemed a little pricey…would you say it’s worth it?
    Michelle @ 3cheaprunners recently posted…Beautiful PathsMy Profile

    • There was definitely a bit of sticker shock before buying the first one, but all of the reviews were really great so I took a chance on it. I generally don’t stick with planners for very long and this is the only one I’ve ever carried with me every single day. I would absolutely recommend it – wouldn’t have shelled out another $60 if it wasn’t!

  7. I love my EC planner! I’m on my second one and use it daily. They’re useful and stylish!

    I stopped with Fitfluential a while back. I hear you – not for me either.

    Would love to do the bat cruise sometime when I’m in Austin. I’ve only seen them from the bridge – cool!

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