2013 Rogue 30K & 10K Race Recap

The Rogue Running 30K & 10K was race #5 in the Austin Distance Challenge and 2013 is the first year it’s being held up in Cedar Park. I was really looking forward to this race, but unfortunately it was disappointing in a couple areas. Let’s back it up to packet pickup…

Brad stopped into the north location of Rogue Running to pick up our packets for the race. Each runner received a long-sleeved tech shirt, throwaway gloves, a ticket to a minor league hockey game, and discount card for a local men’s grooming center.


The shirt was a little short, which tends to be the case with 90% of the tech shirts I get. While I appreciated the fact it wasn’t white, I noticed others tweeting & instagramming photos of blue women’s shirts. There wasn’t an option on color at pickup, only black was available, so I though that was strange. On race morning there were quite a few women wearing the blue shirt as well. Not a huge deal, just curious why some were different.

Also, when we registered for the race there was a list of things every runner would receive, including running gloves and a Rogue Running pint glass. I thought this made the $45 race entry fee a great value. The running gloves actually ended up being throwaway gloves, and that pint glass? No one seemed to know anything about it when I asked at the Rogue tent at the finish. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. Eventually a woman walked up and told me they had pulled it down from the website recently and no one would be receiving them. Interesting.

The starting line was at Cedar Park High School and parking was pretty efficient. The 30K was scheduled to start at 7am so we made sure to be at the school and parked by 6:30. We met up with Jeanette and Trinity, hit the restrooms (indoors! awesome perk of having the start at a high school!) and waited around until our race started at 7:20.


I’m not sure what the cap on the 10K was. It started at 400, but Rogue eventually opened up more spots (an unspecified amount) after it sold out. Either way, the course was never crowded.


The 30K runners started twenty minutes before us and ran a different course. The 10K had a simple out-and-back through a residential area. Rogue 10K Course

Less than a mile into the race I heard a car horn behind me. A quick glance over my shoulder and I saw a long stream of cars waiting for the runners to move so they could get through. Um, what?


Cars in the middle, runners on both sides. I could understand if we had a lane blocked off with cones, but it worried me a bit that we were sharing the road with the cars. Not exactly the safest situation.


Brad and I moved over to the right and continued running.

Rogue30K-10K Mile 1#-334

While I had stopped to take some photos both Jeanette and Trinity had passed us so after the turnaround I made sure to snap a few action shots of them:



Here comes Jeanette!



As you can tell, the course wasn’t much to write home about. After the turnaround, the race was pretty uneventful.

Rogue30K-10K Mile 5#-762


2013-01-27_08-54-42_620Once we crossed the finish line we headed straight to the Distance Challenge VIP tent to meet up with Jeanette & Trinity. And grab breakfast tacos + homemade chocolate chip cookies. Priorities. I’m going to miss these VIP tents after the Distance Challenge is over!


On our walk back to the car we realized the first 30K finisher was about to cross so we ran back to cheer him on!


Overall, it was a pretty good race. I was disappointed with the “running gloves” and the pint glass that wasn’t, but I guess you could say those were petty things. The traffic issue was my main complaint and think it’s a pretty valid one. If you’re not going to close the road completely to cars, at least block off a lane with cones so the runners feel a little bit safer. Still a little confused by the whole thing considering this isn’t the first race Rogue has sponsored. I’m willing to chalk it up to growing pains for the new location of the race (previously it was held in two different areas down south) and if they’re ironed out for 2014, I’d definitely return. It’s a pretty fast course so PRs are possible!


Another race in the books for the Austin Distance Challenge. One more to go – the Austin Half Marathon!


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  1. I’m not a big fan of courses that aren’t blocked off entirely, or at least partially. I understand it isn’t always possible, but you’re right that some cones would go a long way.

    I’ll be out cheering at the Austin Half, hope to see you!
    Steph @ Steph Runs On recently posted…Clever and Witty TitleMy Profile

    • I know. They even went to great lengths to boast about how they put flyers on every door in the neighborhood in the weeks leading up to the race, letting them know about the runners on the roads. I thought maybe we’d get a heads up like “oh hey, the course is open to cars also, so make sure you stay to the right” versus us finding out by hearing a car horn, you know what I mean?

      Let me know what mile marker you’ll be near for Austin & I’ll keep an eye out! 🙂

  2. Nice shoes!! How do you like them?

    • So far so good! My Adrenalines were giving me issues with arch pain, and these seem to be alleviating that problem. Hopefully these will continue to work for me because I’m currently without an everyday trainer.

      What do you think of them?

  3. Even if they had cones sometimes drivers still ignore them. I almost got run over in a very small half this December because drivers weren’t sure what was going on. (I honestly don’t blame them, nothing was well marked.) We only had 28 runners or something in the race so when I say small, I mean small.
    Tara @ texasrunnergirl.com recently posted…A lingering marathon injury?My Profile

    • oh wow, that sounds dangerous! I guess there’s really nothing we can do other than pay attention + be extremely aware of our surroundings at all times

  4. Whoa…I can’t believe they didn’t close off the roads, or at least a lane!!!! That’s ridiculous! We did a half in September that was mostly on a trail through the a national park out here but the first 2 miles were in a single lane on a VERY busy main road in Maryland and the other lanes were open to traffic. It was actually a little scary. Oh, and our “premium finishers item” was a nasty looking truckers hat. I’d take the mustache throw away gloves any day over something I’ll never use! 🙂 (But a men’s grooming discount card…that’s kind of weird.)
    Amanda @ Running On Waffles recently posted…An Athlete’s RegretMy Profile

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