Are you listening, MasterCard?

As I clicked submit on several online orders lately (Oiselle, Sparkly Soul, Road Runner Sports – just to name a few), I got to thinking. Running is EXPENSIVE. A far cry from the “just lace up your shoes and go” line I heard all too often when I first took up the sport.

Sparkly headbands to keep your hair out of your face

Sparkly Soul Team USA

Anti-chafe sticks to keep you comfortable on the run


Sweat-wicking socks to make your feet happy

RRS Drymax

Headphones that stay in your ears for 10+ miles


Shoes with the perfect balance of support and cushion


A GPS watch to track your pace and mileage

Garmin Forerunner 305

And let’s not even get started on the race registration fees.

IBM Race Registration

Something I don’t recommend doing? Using Mint as your budgeting tool and tagging every single running expense. I did that for 2011 and nearly had a heart attack when I reviewed my annual expenses at the beginning of this year.

You know what would be nice? If we were rewarded for spending our hard-earned dollars on running-related purchases. Sure, some races hand out medals and shirts. You might win a pint glass for an AG win. Or receive a complimentary beer at the finish.

austin 1020 bib and medal

But that’s not what I had in mind.

What if there was a credit card that could only be used for running-related purchases? What if every dollar you spent on Mizunos, Nuun, Gu or Lululemon earned you points? And then after hitting a certain threshold, you could redeem those points for running clothes? Or race registrations. Or running shoes!



Gone are the days of feeling guilty for buying that pair of shorts you didn’t really need. Those shorts edged you one step closer to a free half marathon registration. Or a new pair of racing flats.

Are you listening, MasterCard? Runners need a credit card!

What do you think? Would you take advantage of a running credit card?

What do you spend the most money on when it comes to running?

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  1. beautystillremains

    Oh, that could be EVEN MORE dangerous though! I am a sucker for clothes – I am on a capri kick right now. It would be awesome though if I could use the excuse, “well these are helping me pay for my next race.” Great post!

  2. You need to be in marketing. Or are you? For reals. I say you pitch them!!

    And I would totes sign up for this.

  3. What an interestin idea!!!! Definitely never thought of a running credit card! I’m sure that many people would put them to serious use!! Being fit is expensive!!!! Happy Monday and spa love!

  4. What a cool idea!! You are right, running can be so expensive. What a great way to get rewarded for things!

  5. What a great idea!! I would have tons of bonus points lol

  6. I am all for some running points! I think I spend the most on destination races.At least this year I did.

  7. Love this post. And I totally agree when I think of all the money I’ve spent on running this year! Worth it? Totally. But yes please, I’d like some points!

  8. I’m with you! Good thing for Amex rewards though – I can totally justify my spending 🙂

    LOVE those Mizunos, btw!

  9. I spend way too much money on running related products. But you can never have too much and it is always worth it!

  10. LOL. You are so cute. Why not use your regular credit card that gives you points? Wouldn’t that be the same thing? I get cash back and I could use that on a sweet new pair of Mizunos. Which I’m realllly close to pulling the trigger on by the way.

    • Unfortunately I get distracted by shiny objects when it comes to my regular credit card points (ie. I just redeemed a bunch for a pair of Marc Jacob sunglasses) Whoops.

  11. Ohmygosh you are so right. Running…esp racing is just so dang expensive. Worth it though! Gimme some running points!!

  12. lol great post! i use mint for some things but i don’t wish to track my spending for athletic related items…. i can’t stomach the final number at the end of the year. ignorance is bliss. 🙂 but i do spend a pretty penny on $100 winter running pants, compression socks, race registrations (and now destination expenses for hotels, etc), and shoes! my BIGGEST weakness is shoes. i will spare no expense when it comes to buying a new pair of shoes and it hurts my pockets every now and again. i’m now learning how to say no to race registrations. lol

  13. Awesome idea! What I’ve done is let my hubby know what places I buy my run/yoga gear from and he lets our family know to buy gift cards for me from there for birthdays and Christmas. Otherwise I’d seriously go broke.

  14. It’s so funny that you mention how expensive running is because I was just thinking that as I was going through all of my bibs. If I think about how much money I’ve spent over the years on races alone (not even factoring in gear) it is A LOT! But worth it though…I think 😉

  15. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sooooooo need this! I get cashback rewards from my Discover Card, but if I could up the ante with my running purchases, I’d feel a lot better for all of it! Brilliant idea…now, to just get a company on board!

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