Wordless Wednesday: Favorite Place to Work Out


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  1. This looks like such a beautiful running route! I love running on dirt paths along the water.

    • I ran in Cambridge last month along the Charles, and WOW it is beautiful. Made me contemplate moving up there (my bf is from Boston) despite having to deal with the winters. The views would make it more than worth it!

  2. Wow! What amazing photos!!! I love them! Spa love to ya!

  3. Wow! That looks gorgeous! I’m visiting Austin in October with my sister. We will have to check out this trail!!!

  4. so… even though i live in colorado && most of the time it is absolutely beautiful.. i will always be JELLY that you get to run town lake whenever you want to! LOVE IT!

    • I think you have family in the area but you know, we have a couple of extra rooms for visitors 😉 so come on down & run Town Lake whenever your little heart desires! And I still need to make it out to CO, so you can show me how awesome it is there

  5. What a beautiful route! I wish I lived closer to you so we could be running buddies!!

  6. beautiful pictures. I would love to workout there too!

  7. Awesome pictures! A little sad your favorite place to workout isnt Boston 😉

  8. Ummmmm, yeah, that would totally be my favorite place to work out, too! Great pictures!

  9. Hey fellow Austinite. You did a beautiful job photography in the trail. It was at the top of my list of favs too.

  10. I think I definitely need to put Austin on the must visit list!

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