Dinner with Chobani at EVOO

While in Cambridge last weekend I had the opportunity to attend an event at EVOO hosted by Chobani. Ashley, Kristin and I met up in our room for a glass of wine and then caught a cab to Kendall Square for dinner.

photo credit: caitlin



Chef Peter McCarthy put together a special menu for us, incorporating Chobani into every course.


While chatting excitedly over the menu, we ordered a round of cocktails and snacked on spiced nuts & cheeses. After much deliberation I strayed from my usual wine order and went with the Lemon Basil Mojito.


I liked this combination much better than the traditional lime and mint mojito.

First Course was Heirloom Tomatoes, Yogurt Gelee, Spearmint, Basil, EVOO, and Coarse Salt. Caprese Salad is one of my favorites so once this dish was set down in front of me I knew I’d love it. Although I was skeptical at first, the texture of the yogurt gelee was very similar to fresh mozzarella. The salt also brought out the sweetness of the heirloom tomatoes. This one was a winner.


Second Course was Lobster-Vanilla Yogurt Succotash. I loved the presentation of this dish. The subtle hint of vanilla paired perfectly with the lobster, complementing the fresh crisp vegetables.


The Main Course was Seared Yogurt & Spice Sous Vide Lamb Loin with Crisp Eggplant and Raita. A little back story: I went vegetarian for a year in 2009. I started eating meat again in 2010 but lamb was one thing (along with veal) which I just couldn’t imagine eating again. I figured if anything, I would at least try it.

The lamb loin was very tender and the raita flavorful. The two components worked really well together, rather than the raita simply being a condiment for the lamb. The fried eggplant was a nice touch – I definitely wouldn’t have minded an extra piece. Or two!


Dessert was a Nectarine-Basil Crisp with Frozen Berry Yogurt. This was hands-down my favorite of the night. The contrast of the cold strawberry yogurt and warm crisp was incredible. You could have heard a pin drop during this course – everyone was too busy enjoying their food to talk!


Overall the dinner was absolutely phenomenal. The flavor in each course was spot on and Chobani never overpowered the dish. Chef Peter McCarthy came out afterwards to discuss his menu a little and it was interesting to hear the thought process for each dish.


We snapped a few photos after dinner and then hopped in a cab to drag our full, happy selves back to the Hyatt.


Emily of Chobani, me, Ashley, and Kristin


Awesome meal, amazing bloggers, great company!

Huge thanks to Emily, Amy, and Ashley of Chobani for giving me the opportunity to attend this wonderful dinner and EVOO for hosting. I felt truly honored to be a part of it. If I had to describe dinner in only three words…

Nothing but good.

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  1. Wowza!!!!! I am so jealous of your chobani din!!! That looks amazing! I would have died for that lobster dish!!!!! I bet it was totally awesome!!

  2. Oh, my, that meal looks fantastic! I adore Chobani sooooo much. I have a small shout out to you on my blog tomorrow. 🙂

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