Five Things Friday

1. Travel for Philly Marathon is FINALLY booked & I couldn’t be happier about it! I researched like a madwoman for the past few months, determined to find the absolute best deal on an airfare + hotel package. In the end, Expedia HOOKED IT UP!


I found a sweet deal on an awesome hotel. If I booked through the hotel website – $299/night. Through a link on the Philly Marathon website with a special runner discount – $219/night. In combination with 2 round-trip airline tickets – $95/night.img_901


And airfare didn’t even cost me an arm & a leg, despite the fact it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving: less than $300 each! That, my friends, is what you call a STEAL.

2. I was able to get tickets to Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan in San Diego. Okay, this doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but Jason Aldean sold out his last two shows fairly quickly: one in four minutes, one in THIRTY SECONDS. Needless to say, I was doing the constant-refresh until the clock hit noon today when tickets went on sale.529010_10100148783538725_1925781392_n


3. I’m kind of obsessed with my running playlist as of late.


Can’t get enough of Flo Rida’s new album, especially “Run” featuring RedFoo (from LMFAO). It makes you want to (this is shocking, I know) RUN.

4. I bought another pair of Pro Compression socks. Yes, another.

Pro Compression USA


What? I have to be properly decked out to watch the Olympics!

5. I am super ridiculously excited for the Olympics.



Obviously most looking forward to the Track & Field events, followed by women’s gymnastics. We have a pretty stellar team this year – can’t wait to see everyone kill it in London! Let’s go Team USA!!

What are you excited about today?

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  1. I’m excited to possibly see you in TX! Still trying to work out the details of when/where I’ll be in Austin. 🙂

  2. that hotel looks really cool! i bet it’s beautiful inside! PRO COMPRESSION SOCKS ARE THE BOMB. i have pink, am waitttttting for the day they come out with purple! love that you have alex clare on your playlist–that whole album is fantastic!

  3. I love my compression socks! I have 3 pair. My favorite ones are hot pink and black. Ow ow!

  4. runningonwaffles

    I can’t believe the deal you got on a hotel for Philly!!!! We’re going to rent a car and drive up so now you have me thinking about looking for any combo packages that way…I’ve just been looking for hotels so far. I did reserve a room through the race website but am hoping to cancel that one if I can find a better deal!

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