Track Trial: 800s

Last night I headed out around 7:30 for a few 800s. Still high on the successful 400s from last week, I happily skipped onto the track and lined up at the start.

Positive mindset? Check.

Fresh legs? Check.

Awesome music? Check.

Check Check Check!

The goal for each split was 4:22, an 8:44 pace. I didn’t think this would be a problem considering our slowest split last Tuesday (albeit half the distance) was 2:05, an 8:21 pace.

I queued up David Guetta’s “I’m a Machine”, hit start on my Garmin, and it was go time. I hit 8:42 about 400 meters in and held it there for the first lap. Once we started the second lap, I made the stupid decision to change songs. It threw off my rhythm and when I checked my watch next I was hovering just above a 9 minute mile. I tried to speed up a little bit but immediately my legs felt tired (should have been a sign of things to come) so I just held steady until the finish.

  • 800m – 4:25 (8:50 pace)

During recovery I knew this workout was going to be HARD. I was confused as to why, since we were coming off of two run-free days. After 400m recovery (rather than 2 min, because I was dying), we lined back up again.

And after one lap, I had to stop. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get my legs turning over any faster. I never saw an eight during that lap, but felt like I was running a seven. Brad asked if I wanted to just finish out the rest of our 4 mile workout easy and call it a day. I suggested we finish out the second lap and then decide.

  • 800m – 4:50 (9:30 pace)

Womp womp. And that was the end of Tuesday’s speedwork. A quick calculation let me know I had only eaten 800-900 calories, and no afternoon snack. Well DUH. No wonder I felt like crap. No fuel, no speed!

We finished out the rest of our run, slow and steady. 4 miles in 47:48, 11:56 pace. Slow slow slow, but it was so hard to keep moving. Summer, are you over yet?

Lesson learned. Next Tuesday I will fuel properly, and then run like the wind!

What’s your favorite pre-run snack?

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  1. Bananas and Almonds are my go-to’s. I just tried Honey Stinger Waffles as well before amy track workouts! All great pre-workout snacks!

  2. Yassos = torture on a track. Especially if you’re not properly fueled; I would have died. I have to do them for my marathon training (my splits are 4:30). Good luck with your next run!

  3. I rarely eat before running since i run so early but when I do it’s usually a banana. I wonder the effect of the weather on your times/energy too. I’m trying to remember what it was like at 7:30 last night. Maybe 95 out?

  4. It is REALLY hard for me to eat before working out. The best thing that I have ever found is the old school Powerbars! Those things digest super easily and have tons of carbs so they work really well for me. Depending on what the workout is determines if I eat an entire one or just half.

    Side note: we need to plan a meet up soon!

  5. Dates or a Luna/Clif bar!

    • I always forget about Luna bars! I used to keep one with me for emergencies (ahem, like a poorly fueled afternoon before a speed workout) but they end up smushed in the bottom of my bag 🙁

  6. Yassos = scare me! I’m trying to get fasters and someone mentioned them to me. We shall see what happens 🙂 haha Good luck!

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