Friday Favorites {Running}


  • Shoes. After a trip to Road Runner Sports back in May, I discovered I was now a neutral runner and stocked up on a few pairs of the correct shoes:

Saucony Kinvara 2 (discontinued & super cheap!)


Saucony Kinvara 3


Mizuno Wave Rider 15



  • Once I invested in a couple pairs of shorts, I knew there were two items I needed to add to my arsenal. They’re KEY items for a comfortable run. Please God don’t let me ever forget to use them…


  • Garmin Forerunner 305. This guy has made a world of difference in my running. And mayyyybe turned me into a neurotic numbers obsessed girl. But hey – that’s how you get fast, right?



  • iPod Shuffle & Yurbuds. I go back and forth on music while running. Sometimes I’d rather run without it and focus on my breathing. Sometimes I REALLY don’t want to run, so I need the music to drown out my thoughts. When it comes to headphones, I’ve been through pretty much every set on the market and NONE of them stay in my ears the way Yurbuds do. Great investment!



  • BIC Bands. My hair turns into a hot mess when I’m running & these sparkly miracle workers keep flyaways out of my face. Plus every month they donate a portion of profits to a different charity! So awesome.



  • The Grid. This helps me abuse my legs into a state of bliss. It gives new meaning to the phrase “hurt so good”

The Grid


  • RRS Drymax Socks. Unfortunately, these socks are expensive ($24.99 for 3 pair) but luckily I only run 3x a day (oh hey FIRST training plan!!) so the one pack I own works just fine. They keep my feet dry and blister-free. Oh! And they don’t effing slip down because they have the tab in the back. Happiness. Nothing I hate more on a run than having my sock fall down and wedge itself under the arch of my foot. ANNOYING. These fix that. THANK YOU BEST SOCKS EVER.

RRS Drymax


  • Pro Compression Marathon Sock. After I’m done stretching and beating the crap out of my calves with a foam roller, I compress the crap out of them in these glorious socks. They hug my feet and legs perfectly, making them feel wonderful. Perfect to sleep in or even wear to work. Compress your little heart out all day long. I have them in both pink and purple, and Brad has them in orange. And I’ll probably buy more colors because I have no self-control. Dear Pro Compression, can you make sleeves? I will love you forever. Please and thank you. I know Ashley will buy some too.

Pro Compression


  • Nathan Handheld. After I bought one last summer, I pretty much turned into a hydration snob. Now if I go for a run without it, I’ll whine the whole time about how thirsty I am. Don’t I sound like a real joy to be around? Anyway, to cut down on the bitching I’ll bring this thing every time. I’ve been running with it for a year now and honestly forget I’m carrying it. Keeps me hydrated and LOVE it during races. Avoid water stops? Yes please! Recently I bought a new one (the one below, in traffic cone orange) and its big enough to hold my ginormous phone. WIN!

Nathan Handheld


  • Road ID. NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!! Seriously, if you don’t have one, please get one. It can save your life!

Road ID

Jeez that’s a lot of stuff. I remember when I first started running, someone told me it was a cheap sport. They DEFINITELY lied to me. Rude.

What’s your favorite can’t-live-without-it piece of running gear?

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  1. Love love love PRO compression socks. I have them in black and green. I plan on buying every color. And im hoping in a few days to add the Garmin FR210 to my favorite cant live without running gear! 😉 Happyrunning!!

    • They’re awesome! Can’t wait til they release more colors, I’ll def be investing. My Garmin will be delivered today – we’ll have to compare notes!

  2. I like your list. Pro Compression saves me and I want to try the grid. I will probably buy it this weekend! The Nathan handheld didn’t work out too well for me though, it bounced around so much! I ended up buying the Lululemon Amphipod handheld and I am MUCH happier.

  3. I love this post, I do a similar post on Friday afternoons outlining some of my favorite things. I think its an amazing way to start the weekend 🙂

    Very colorful shoes, I love them (I am a sucker for bright colors)! I am looking into a GPS watch. It is amazing that I have not bought one by now. I am using my iPhone (on a bulky arm strap) and I think it is time to invest in a watch. Do you swear by Garmin? Have you heard of any other great GPS watches worth checking out?

    • I do love Garmin, yes. I’ve had the 305 for a couple years now and actually just ordered the 210 (passing the 305 along to a friend). I don’t know much about the others because I haven’t really looked into them because Garmin hasn’t really failed me yet. I’ve heard good things about Motorola’s MOTOACTV, that may be something to look into!

      Glad you’re back to blogging again 🙂

  4. How are you finding the Mizuno Wave Rider 15, got a pair myself a couple of weeks ago.

  5. Love those compression socks!! They are my favorites. I have the same pink pair.

  6. Can I ask a silly question? What do you use the Aquaphor for? I use it on my kids diaper rashes and I’m pretty sure that’s not what you’re using it for! :o)

  7. Shoes are looking good. I see you own a couple sets of yurbuds too…very nice!

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