Track Trial: 400s

With marathon training just around the corner and an unfinished training plan on my desk, we decided to take Tuesday night’s four mile run to the track.

It’s been a looooong time since I’ve done speedwork and had no idea what paces I was even capable of. My NJ Marathon plan was tough but doable, but I also went into it with a much stronger training base (ie. a 26.2 & 2 x 13.1 races in the 3 months prior). So we figured we’d start small with a progression 4 x 400m (400 RI), running each split just a little bit faster than the last. There wasn’t a pace we were hoping to nail for the first split either. I figured we could push it until it was uncomfortable, and decrease from there.

After an easy warm-up mile (4:1 run/walk, 12:05 pace) on a nearby trail, we made our way over to the track. First order of business – stash water bottles on the side of the track to grab post-lap. Next I skipped through the playlist on my iPod to find a suitable song for lap numero uno. And then?


  • 400m — 1:59 (7:57 pace)  “Run” by Flo Rida <— his new album ROCKS. Download it now, thank me later.

Followed by an easy cooldown mile where I tried not to die. Seriously, my stomach was PISSED.

So to recap, we nailed the intervals AND they were faster than expected. I was wavering between a 4:40 and a 4:45 plan for Philly, but I’ll be sticking with the 4:40 to make sure I’m pushing myself hard enough.

Next week: 800s!

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  1. Nice job! I did the exact speed workout last week! Cant wait for Philly! PS Runaway baby and Run are both on my running playlist.

  2. Awesome job, speedy girl! 🙂

  3. You are so harcore!!!!

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