Hell froze over

Since starting running over two years ago, I’ve been pretty loyal to capris.

wine and dine 10


Dallas Half

San Antonio half

There was one brief affair with a pair of tempos


but resulted in a pretty abrupt breakup.

Shorts and my legs just don’t get along. They aren’t thin enough for shorts, but compression capris do them just fine. Nike, UnderArmour, Lululemon – you name it, I own it. Whether its 40 degrees or 90, you’ll find me out on the trails ticking the miles away in capris.

Until a couple weeks ago.

During marathon training last summer, my mid-week runs were all done on the treadmill so only my long run was done outside. One hot, humid day a week in capris? No big deal.

But this summer we’ve been pounding the pavement at night during the week and it is HOT. It took me a few weeks but found myself seriously contemplating a pair of shorts. I took a trip to Lululemon during lunch one day to find a pair, but after trying on the entire store I left empty-handed. My bank account rejoiced.

I made one last ditch effort two weeks ago, stopping at Academy to humor myself. Steering clear of three racks of tempos, I dragged a few pairs into the dressing room with me. Most were definitely misses but there was one pair I didn’t particularly hate. Before I knew what was happening, I was back in my car with the pair of shorts and a new running top.

Nike Fast Pace

Nike Pacer Shorts

And then, before I had a chance to change my mind, I ran in them:


It felt … weird. It was definitely cooler than running in capris, but made me incredibly aware of how skinny my legs are not. Thankfully I became BFFs with Body Glide & Aquaphor pre-run or it could have gotten ugly. I think as long as I prepare myself before leaving the house, they’ll be fine. I really want to LOVE running in shorts, so I’ll stick with them. And it’ll give me more incentive to stay focused on workouts and lean out my legs 🙂

Annnnd I already bought another pair:

Nike Pacer Shorts (2)

I’m tellin’ ya – MOTIVATION!!

Do you run in shorts? What brand/style are your favorite(s)?

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  1. Those are some of my favorite running items! I love the tops because they’re so breathable in the hot weather. Love Nike shorts, but I prefer the tempo’s. Either way, you can’t go wrong with Nike running clothes

  2. I want to run in shorts so much, but I have a similar problem. I actually have a mole on my inner thigh that gets irritated really easily, and after destroying it one 10K, I haven’t been comfortable relying on shorts since. I go for knickers that end just below my kneecap (Target).

  3. I too just broke up with my capris for shorts! I have tried running in tempos, but I am now a huge fan of these Lululemon shorts! They are amazing!



  4. Cute shorts! Nike shorts are the best!!!

  5. I work out in EVERYTHING! ha! I use shorts, biker shorts, capris, tights….basically whatever is clean and doesn’t smell. I know, so gross! But I love shorts the best and the biggest requirement for me is they must have built in underware. If they don’t, no matter how cute they are or how great they fit I won’t buy them.

  6. I guess I should say underwear. 😉

  7. I only wear capris when it’s cold but I have a friend who is almost exclusively capris for the same chaffing reason. If it’s humid out and I have a longer run, I’ll definitely glide it up. And sometimes I still chafe. I think I must have chub rub thickened skin at this point.

  8. That is the biggest tutu I have ever seen!

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