Weekly Workouts: 7/16-7/22

We’re working on tweaking Phase II of P90X to work for us. We ditched plyo because our running suffers, and the same with legs. We’re also toying with the idea of taking an additional rest day (Friday) so we can get to bed early in preparation for Saturday’s long run. If not, Back / Bi will be done twice a week. We’ll see – still hashing out the details. Here’s the tentative plan:

Monday, July 16

P90X Back / Biceps / Abs



Tuesday, July 17


4 mile run {1 mile run, 4 x 400m (400m RI), 1 mile run}


Wednesday, July 18


P90X Chest / Shoulders / Triceps / Abs


Thursday, July 19


4 mile run


Friday, July 20




Saturday, July 21


7 mile run {3 mile run, 5K race, 1 mile run}

P90X Yoga


Sunday, July 22


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  1. This is exactly why I could never finish P90X or Insanity because it always interferred with running or other forms of exercise. I need variety…lots of variety and those programs were just too montonous for me.

    • Variety is key! I’m still trying to figure out a way to sneak an RPM class into the week too. Just need to find somewhere to put it, and one that works with my schedule!

  2. Is there any way to alternate the plyo? I’ve heard that – in the long run – it can help with running so much! Not that I can really give advice on legs – still working on fitting that in!

    Rest days are good though 🙂 Especially before a long run!

    • We keep trying to work plyo into the week but the twisting and jumping is killing my knees. Weird, since you would think running would aggravate them too. I agree though, I think it would make me a stronger runner, but my body just doesn’t seem to respond well to it 🙁

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