Cranky Pants

Today I’m a little cranky.

You see, last night I had a glorious run planned. A 3.5 mile jaunt around my neighborhood. It had been a busy couple days at the office and all I wanted was to zone out to my new playlist while unwinding from the work day.

And then this happened.

Dun dun dunnnn.

Yeah, it got pretty ugly outside. Apparently Texas wants to be just like Florida lately and have a thunderstorm every evening. Which is FINE! We desperately need the rain. Our lawn will tell you so. And when I say “our lawn” I mean “the straw in front of our house where grass used to be.”

But these thunderstorms? They’re messing with my workout schedule. I like structure. I don’t like “eh, not running today” because I feel lazy. Or I feel tired. I work out because it makes me feel good about myself, because I love the endorphins, and because my clothes fit better when I do. When workouts are scheduled, there’s no room for excuses. Which in turn makes more room in your jeans. WINNING.

I briefly forgot about my disappointment with the weather while becoming engrossed in the MLB All-Star Game. Hey Luke Bryan, I don’t wanna believe you wrote the words to the National Anthem on your hand, but it sure as hell looks like you were sneakin’ peek mid-song.

And then about twenty minutes into the game, this happened:

Ugh! Thank you, Dish. You’re very helpful.

So we decided to move our run to another day and do P90X instead. FINE. I will abandon my beloved training plan and run back-to-back days since the weather refuses to cooperate. Just when we settled on the Chest / Shoulders / Tri / Abs workout, the power went out.

And then came back on.

And then off. And then on again.

Makes watching an hour-long DVD a little difficult.

So in the end, we didn’t run. We didn’t do P90X. We ate toasted PB&J (the BEST way to eat PB&J) and watched the AL get pummeled & eventually shut out in the All-Star Game. Pretty embarrassing. WAY TO GO GUYS.

So that’s why I’m cranky. I didn’t get to work out. I feel lazy. I miss my beloved endorphins and coveted runners high.

And because my future husband forgot the words to the National Anthem.

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  1. kyliemarie
    Twitter: kyliemarieslife

    The last line of the post probably made my morning, but the whole post made my day! Haha you know how I love to wear my cranky pants at least once a week 🙂 I’m totally getting joy out of your miserable night, hehe.

  2. Ugh, the afternoon thunderstorms are totally frustrating. At least you got something in – I always feel bad completely 86’ing a scheduled workout!

  3. You need yourself a niiiiiice treadmill. Then those storms don’t matter. Or the heat. Or the humidity and the bugs that stick to your face. 🙂

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