Wordless Wednesday: Philly Marathon {temporary} Training Plan

Philly - Part 1

Philly - Part 2

Philly - Part 3

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  1. Looks like a good one! When I ran my marathon I used a plan that had me running 5 days a week and I got soooooo bored with running there towards the end. This looks much more well balanced.

    • Thanks Kelly! I’ve tried 4-5 day plans before and running back to back days always resulted in injury. 3 days a week keeps me WANTING to run, not dreading it 🙂

  2. This looks AWESOME!! Nicely laid out too 🙂 Maybe I’ll actually stop being a wuss and sign up for a marathon one of these days and use this!

  3. Woohoo! Best of luck with your training!!

  4. totally thinking about this marathon now….it works perfect with the plan I am using for 2012 Philly RNR half

  5. I like it! How did you put it together?

    • It’s kind of a rough draft, need to reevaluate a few of the paces. LR mileage is roughly based off a Higdon plan, paces & 3x week running is from Run Less, Run Faster. Hope to have the finalized one up soon, since the REAL plan starts on the 31st. Eek!

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