Unwelcomed Recovery Week

Yesterday marked the beginning of recovery week in P90X. Yes, the dates are wrong. We repeated week 3 because we missed a few workouts the first time around.


There’s a whole lot of this:


and not a lot of this:


I thought I’d welcome the decrease in intensity, but to be honest? I hate it. After yoga last night I was kinda like, that’s it? That’s all we’re doing? I was disappointed. Well not completely disappointed – I mastered this pose again:


Crow? Bird? Crane? Not really sure what it’s officially called, since I’ve heard it referred to all of those. What do YOU call it?

Anyway, the intensity is low and I’m not a fan. As usual, we’re swapping out the Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday workouts for runs so I can work on base mileage for marathon training. Which, speaking of, I’ve been working on my damn training plan for a few weeks now and it’s STILL not done. I keep tweaking the paces and the long runs. Hopefully it’ll be done and up on the blog this week.


Mileage building has been slow and even so, my left shin is a little achy. Not sure if it’s pavement-pounding related or remnants of the underwater rock-bashing I gave it back in May. I’m hoping the cure is hot pink compression socks and multiple icing sessions everyday because that’s how I’ve been remedying the situation. I’ve been making sure to follow the 10% rule to a T and run SLOWLY. We’ve been averaging about 12:00-12:45 min/mi pace lately so sweet jesus I hope that’s slow enough! My little legs are itching to bust out some tempo miles but I’m holding back until July 31st when training officially begins.

Overall I’m really enjoying P90X and my newfound appreciation for strength training. This is also happening:


Working out 6 days a week and actually LIKING it. I can’t remember the last time I’ve gotten my heart rate up that many days in a row! And you know what goes hand in hand with regular workouts?

A well deserved cheat meal 🙂

Hello watermelon margarita.


Hello Chuychanga.


Seriously LOVE Sunday dinners – they’re worth every minute of hard work during the week!

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  1. Ever since I first saw your watermelon margarita photo I have been CRAVING one!!! This is a situation I really need to address. Oh, and I have no idea what to call that yoga pose except for “Amanda falling over and breaking her face” because that’s what happens when I attempt it! Hope you’re having a good Fourth!

  2. Recovery weeks are hard!! It’s hard to go from super intense to mild. I’m sure your body is appreciating it though — and you’ll be rearing to go next week!!

    Watermelon margarita…hmmm. Is it really sweet? I don’t love watermelon (I know, how is that possible?) but a watermelon margarita sounds interesting.

    • It wasn’t very sweet, I tasted tequila more than anything else but the watermelon toned it down a bit. Not a huge margarita fan but I’m already contemplating a return trip to have another 😉

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