A PR Attempt

Sunday morning I found myself rested and wide awake at 7am, thanks to the magnesium I’ve been taking every night before bed – holy deep sleep! After catching up on blogs and Twitter, I decided to take advantage of an early start on the day. On Saturday I had given the house a deep clean and came across a Starbucks card with some money still on it so I made trip out to grab us some iced coffees.

We’ve cut way back on coffee, as in we don’t even keep it in the house anymore, but it’s nice to have every once in awhile. I’ve been loving this So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer lately.

Coconut Milk Creamer

The consistency is nearly identical to that of regular flavored coffee creamer but with less fat, calories and sugar. A small splash of it in iced coffee is delicious.

Once back at the house I got to work on our meals for the week:

It was just after 8am when the pots and pans hit the stove. I had a secret {lofty} goal to be finished with cooking and cleanup before noon. Whipping up breakfast would need to happen at some point too, adding another obstacle in my way. But the thought of breaking my, ahem, Sunday Cooking PR time was very appealing.

I’ve made the chili countless times but this time added more beans (garbanzo rather than cannellini), used fat-free sour cream and fat-free half & half.

White Turkey Chili

The Green Chile Corn Muffins are simply a box of cornbread mix

Honey Cornbread

with one cup of reduced-fat cheddar cheese and one can of fire-roasted diced green chiles added in.

Green Chile Corn Muffins

The crock-pot pulled pork is another Eat Live Run recipe and honestly one of the easiest recipes ever. Season pork, brown in a pan, and then add to a crock-pot with diced onions and BBQ sauce. After 6-8 hours of simmering, the pork is so tender it falls apart on its own. Perfect and amazing.

Crockpot Pulled Pork

This macaroni salad from Skinnytaste far exceeded my expectations! I didn’t think it would be very creamy but it tasted every bit as good as any full-fat mayo-laden macaroni salad you’d find at a 4th of July BBQ. The recipe yields 16 cups so unless you’re bringing it to share with a party, I’d recommending halving it.

Macaroni Salad

The egg salad recipe was made up on the fly: hard-boiled eggs (shocking ingredient, no?) less than a tablespoon of reduced-fat olive oil mayo, a few teaspoons of Dijon mustard, cayenne pepper and S&P to taste.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering if I nailed that PR:

Cooking PR

Now I need to work on a goal for next week…

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  1. I love this idea! I still need to try it!!Just a suggestion, use Chobani plain 0% greek yogurt instead of sour cream! Gives the same flavor with WAY more health benefits. I use it as a substitution for mayo (and type of salads) and I use it as sour cream. Its wonderful!

    • 99% of the time I do use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream (dips, dressing, on Mexican food, etc) but was nervous what would happen when I added it to hot soup. I’ve read that it curdles, so I didn’t want to take the chance & ruin the soup!

  2. runningonwaffles

    Annnd now I’m hungry haha. That pork looks fantastic! And I’m definitely intrigued by the macaroni salad! Want to come take over in my kitchen??

  3. Do you think the magnesium is really helping with energy levels? I’ve noted mine down a bit so I started taking iron, which I definitely think is helping, but I also was wondering if there were other nutrients I was missing. How long have you been taking the magnesium?

    • I’m hoping it will. Trying to nail down the perfect amount to take. The last two nights I took too much and it was a real struggle to get going in the morning. Otherwise, it’s definitely helped me sleep better, deeper. I think it’s just a matter of tailoring the dosage to your specific needs.

      The iron has helped with your energy levels? How long have you been taking it?

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