Back on track

A couple months ago Brad and I decided that after our wounds healed from the Spartan Sprint we would allow P90X to kick our ass for, well, 90 days starting May 28th.


Days of picking up Sonic on the way home or ordering a pizza for dinner are over. Our eating habits have been completely revamped. Saturday mornings are now spent meal planning and making a detailed grocery list.

all out of

The combination of list-making and shopping only the perimeter of the store allows us to knock our grocery shopping out in less than 30 minutes, even on a busy Saturday morning.


Sunday mornings are spent cooking for the week, which allows me to avoid picking up a single pot or pan on a weekday. (HUGE fan of this!)

I’ll get into meal planning in another post, but for now here’s what’s set to come out of my kitchen today:

It’s a bit of work for a Sunday morning, but you know what? If it grants me a cooking-free week, I will gladly slave away in the kitchen for a few hours on the last day of the weekend with the CMT Top 20 Countdown blaring in the background. Also, our one cheat meal for the week is on Sunday so after I’m done playing chef I am rewarded with a crisp glass of wine and someone else cooking for me.

Last week our cheat meal was at the Alamo Drafthouse while seeing Snow White & the Huntsmen. Delicious food was consumed, including fried pickles, fresh baked-to-order chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream, and multiple adult beverages. Cheat meal, INDEED!

Snow White and the Huntsman

Alamo Drafthouse

PBR - Prosecco

Todays destination?

Brick House Tavern and Tap

And I have my heart set on some delicious carbs:

Brick House Pretzels

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  1. Such a good idea. I am going to give the Subday cooking a shot.

  2. We have a Brick House in Orlando. Right on i-drive for you so it’s close to that chocolate calzone. So…why don’t cha come over here? I’ll join ya. 🙂

  3. Thank you SO much for posting! I’m excited to try the pork this week! I read your tweet, got some ground turkey and made my meat for the week (At least until Thursday). I’ll do different things with the ground turkey as the base meat. Gotta get things together; NYC Pizza is far too cheap and easy to snatch up in a hurry!

    • Sure, no problem! I’ve made the pork before – it’s definitely a keeper. I did ground turkey last week with these two recipes. (just the meatballs though, not the actual sandwiches) SO GOOD!

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