What would YOU do?

Sooooo… this weekend is my 20 miler. Let’s not talk about how this should be my THIRD 20 miler, okay? Thanks.

My last long run before the New Jersey Marathon. Seriously I’m still in shock it’s almost May already. How the hell did that happen?

This weekend I’ll also be running my first 10 mile race, the inaugural Austin 10/20.


From the website:

It’s time to run ten and celebrate the distance! Ten miles is tough, ten miles is different, ten miles feels great. It’s an accomplishment to finish and a challenge to race. You can walk and wheel and join the field as the Austin 10/20 hits the streets. Take a detour from the usual race path and check out the cool ten mile distance!

Twenty stages will be on course filled with live rock ‘n’ roll music from local Austin bands and we’ll have a great headliner at the Finish line too! The Austin 10/20 puts a stage every half mile along the route, right up close for our spectators – you! We’ll have some really hot local bands and more music per mile than you have ever seen. Austin is well known for a great music scene, you will see it on the course!

If you’ve put two and two together, you noticed how the race is only 10 miles and this girl needs to be running 20. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to tackle this yet, but I have a few ideas:

1. Run 10 miles pre-race. This seems like a brilliant idea in theory, until you start considering how early you would need to wake up to get those miles in before the 8am start. Also, where would I run? It would have to be somewhat near the race course so I could finish my 10 and then cross the starting line soon after. Hmm…

2. Run 5 miles pre-race, then race, then 5 miles post-race. I’m not even sure why I think this should be listed as a logical option. Post-race there will be celebratory beer! And entertainment! Everclear, to be precise. Did you know they were still together? Because I didn’t.  And food! The chances of me actually heading back out for 5 more miles is slim to none.

3. Run 15 miles on Saturday. Then race on Sunday on tired legs, but not like “I’m running 25 miles in a row” tired legs. Still, this would be the highest mileage I’ve ever done on consecutive days. Is this something I want to try 3 weeks out from 26.2? Not sure. But it WOULD let me run “only” 10 miles on Sunday.

4. Run 10 miles on Saturday. Then race on Sunday on tired legs, but 5 miles less-tired than option 4. This is the short-term, low-stress option. It’s also the long-term, high stress option. The “Oh my god I never did a proper 20-miler this training cycle” option. Anxiety attacks ensue. Hyperventilating will occur. But for this weekend? I’d be all, “oh I can knock out two 10 milers, noooo problemo”

Remember the last time I tried to split up 20 miles between a race and a training run? Yeah. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again.


If you were in my shoes Brooks Adrenalines, which option would YOU choose?

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  1. get up extra early,run in the race (ish) area for all 20,use your race bib to celebrate your 20mile run with Everclear. Was that an option?

  2. Hmmm that is a conundrum. If it was me, I’d do the 10 before the race because I know that the adrenaline of the race would pull me through the second half. I’d find either a 5 mile route near the race start and do it twice or a 2.5 loop and do it 4 times. GOOD LUCK! Can’t wait to hear how it went!

  3. Is there any chance you can leave work early on Friday and do a 20 miler (or even 17) Friday or take a few hours Tuesday and do the 20 Tuesday? Otherwise, I’d agree with Tricia.

  4. I would run the 10 before the race — and try to run them at a moderate pace. Free beer after a race? A necessity!

    Good luck – with your 20-miler and your race!!

  5. I know it sucks waking at 5am but run 10 miles first. Having all that fuel and support will be great prep for the marathon! Plus all the stuff at the end will be incredible for refueling.

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