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There’s a few wines I generally steer clear of: Woodbridge, Vendange, Beringer, Barefoot, Yellowtail, etc. You know, the ones that come in the gallon jug. I’m more about quality over quantity.

One night while attending a gathering at a friend’s home, I was happily sipping away on a delicious glass of pinot noir which had been poured for me. I was positive it was a higher end glass of red but when I went to refill my glass I noticed it was a 2010 BV (Beaulieu Vineyards) Coastal Estates Pinot Noir. I was shocked, and then impressed.

BV is a super affordable wine, with the pinot noir coming in at $5.99. Seriously, $5.99. I easily would have priced it at $14.99 judging by the taste. It had a bit of a kick at first sip, but finished incredibly smooth and almost sweet. I’d recommend pouring a glass and letting it sit for a bit before enjoying.

This pinot noir would be a great beginner wine for someone trying to break into the red wine world


This next bottle was a last minute add to the cart. I passed it on the way out of the wine aisle, but it caught my eye so I pulled the cart to an immediate halt.

At the end of the beer/wine aisle in Target they generally feature 5-9 different up-and-coming wines they recommend you try. There were a few I picked up in the past which just didn’t do it for me, but I still try to keep my eyes peeled for new potential favorites.

This Joel Gott Pinot Gris fit the bill. The only other pinot gris I really enjoy is King Estate. It’s kind of a rarity as most people prefer pinot grigio. The difference between the two is many pinot gris are from Washington, Oregon or California, while pinot grigio is from Italy.


The Joel Gott from the Willamette Valley in Oregon was a GREAT pick and didn’t break the bank at $11.99. It was fruity and slightly sweet, with a smooth clean finish. It would be best paired with a mild fish such as mahi or halibut, or a crisp spring salad. Hopefully Target move take this from their “try this” area to their regular selections. I will definitely be purchasing this one again.

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  1. I love wine Wednesday’s! This is fabulous! I can’t wait to try out these suggestions, especially the red!!!

  2. I haven’t had much Pinot Gris, but I wish I had! Oh and also totally feel you on yellowtail, barefoot talk about tasting chemicals! Definitely want to try this Joel Gott! Willamette Valley does a lot of things right with wine!


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