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A bottle of chardonnay doesn’t come home with me nearly as much as sauvignon blanc or dry rieslings. I’m incredibly picky when it comes to chardonnay, as I prefer a smooth buttery finish. One of my tried and true favorites which fits the bill is Toasted Head.

This Dunnigan Hills wine is affordable, generally coming in at the $9.99-12.99 range.

From the website, on the name:

We named our wine for the age-old practice of toasting the inside of the barrel heads with fire, which helps create the rich toasted flavor in all of our wines.


While this chardonnay is definitely fruit-forward, the rich smooth finish has traces of butterscotch and coconut. As is the case with some reds, I prefer to pour a glass and let it breathe for a bit first before sipping.

I’ve been coming back to this chardonnay for several years now, and will definitely be staying in the rotation in the future.

In my opinion, Cupcake’s Sauvignon Blanc leaves much to be desired. Their Red Velvet, however, makes me one very happy lady. Target was having a sale on Cupcake wine last week. While I wouldn’t have minded picking up the cab, I already have two bottles of red in my wine rack. Obviously I wasn’t going to head the sauvignon blanc route, so my only option was their chardonnay. (Well, and their moscato – but you know my feelings on that “wine” and it was NOT an option). I had my reservations but bit the bullet and purchased a bottle.


This ended up being a rich, creamy, full chardonnay with the smooth finish I love. The vanilla notes won me over. Surprisingly delicious and I will certainly be adding it to the list of regular whites I keep on hand in the fridge.

While perusing their website I noticed they now sell an Angel Food wine. I’ll be keeping my eye out for that one!

What’s your favorite chardonnay?

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  1. Good to know. The cupcake label is too cute, it lures me in. I will avoid the SB and grab the chardonnay. I’ve had the merlot and it was okay…

    Angel food cake…yum

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