Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 2011


I almost didn’t try this one. It eerily resembles another “wine” in color: white zinfandel. Can we please agree white zin is most certainly not wine? And while we’re striking out imposters, let’s knock moscato off that list as well. Can someone also please tell Target they don’t need to stock eight different brands of it?

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

Mulderbosch Cabernet Rosé 2011. It looked different, which was what initially intrigued me. Mulderbosch Vineyards has never previously let me down (one-time fling with Chenin Blanc and repeat-offender with Sauvignon Blanc) so I felt confident I would enjoy this bottle. I still had reservations about it’s white zin-ish color, but sent caution to the wind and took the plunge.

This South African wine was a winner. It was light and fruity, yet still tasted like a cab despite the fact I sipped it chilled. It would be refreshing and perfect for an afternoon summer (or spring in Texas) happy hour.

Food Pairing: I made Thai Turkey Burgers last week and this complemented them well. It would pair well with many Thai or Asian inspired dishes.

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  1. Not going to lie, I love me some Moscato…but it’s definitely more fruit juice than wine. This one sounds fantastic!

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