Time to Run

Let’s discuss a few goals for today’s half marathon, shall we?

Your Austin Marathon

With a course elevation which looks like this (why is the half SO much worse than the full?!)


the chances of PRing are slim to none. And I’m okay with that. I’ll be running this race purely for fun. If I want to walk the hills, so be it. If I want to run the whole race at a 12:00 min/mi, I will.

My goal for today is plain and simple: to cross that finish line on Congress Avenue in front of the Capitol Building.

Oh beautiful medal, I’m coming for you.


Dear Austin Hills, please don’t kill me.

Time for #8.

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  1. Good luck – I’m sure you’ll kill it!

  2. Good luck! Whenever I have a hilly run, I chant “kill the hills!” in my head…so kill ’em Melissa!

  3. goodness gracious. that elevation profile makes my body hurt. congrats on another finish today! so happy for you!

  4. ooh! i am stealing “kill the hills”
    austin’s a tough one! congrats on kicking it in the hill!

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