LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon Expo


Last night another ambassador and I were scheduled to work the ZOOMA booth at the LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon Expo at the Palmer Event Center in Downtown Austin.


Rather than make another trip downtown today to pick up my race packet, I headed over to the expo a little before my shift. This proved to be a wise decision as Austin is faced with this today:


Flood Advisory and thunderstorms? No thank you. Perfect day to relax and not have to leave the house, especially with the way Austin drivers approach rain. If the expo attendance last night is any indication of how today will be, it’s sure to be an absolute madhouse. Definitely glad I’ll be avoiding that.

When I arrived at the expo at 2:40 (it opened at 3) there was already a TON of people waiting out front to get in. Once the doors were unlocked I headed straight to packet pickup. We all pretty much had the same idea.


One section was for marathoners, and another for the half. Then each section was divided into individual lines according to bib number. The volunteers were efficient and I had my bag in hand in under 10 minutes.




I lingered at the Marine Corps Marathon booth for a few minutes, professing my love for it and convincing future marathon hopefuls that they MUST run MCM. Best. Race. Ever. I may not be running in 2012, but I’d love to head back to DC/VA in 2013!



After attending countless expos, I’m at the point where I’ve pretty much accumulated almost all of the gear I could want to buy. I made my way through the entire expo fairly quickly, and there was only one booth I wanted to open my wallet at:



And because there’s no such thing as “too much” Nuun:


Citrus Fruit to replenish my almost-empty tube, and three flavors I didn’t previously own: Kona Cola, Orange, and Banana.

Debra found me at the Nuun booth and we did a few laps around the expo together. We’ve connected on Twitter, Daily Mile, and through our blogs but had never met up in person! She’s trying to beat her PR from last year’s Austin Half Marathon. With 3 runs of 14+ miles during this training cycle, there’s no doubt she is going to KILL her time on Sunday. Good luck Debra!!

After doing a little Nuun shopping, it was time to work the ZOOMA booth with Erika.



We had a GREAT time talking to many women (and a few men!) about the upcoming race out at Hyatt Lost Pines. Everyone who signed up for our mailing list at the expo would be emailed a discount code for the race and receive a ZOOMA tee.

Also, Jeanette came to visit! She’ll be running her second (San Antonio was her first) half marathon on Sunday. Get it girl!! 🙂 Also wishing Trinity the best of luck on his first half marathon – you’re going to have a great time and I’m sure it will be the first of MANY races for you!


After a fun (read: miserable) drive home in a monsoon, I emptied out my race bag to review the contents. I’ve mentioned this before, but I LOVE how green of a race the LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon is. I always end up tossing the paper flyers away, so it’s awesome how they send out a Virtual Race Bag to eliminate them.

Virtual Race Bags

Okay, now onto the actual race bag:


LOVE the half marathon shirt design!


Each runner received one of SPIBelt’s new products, the SPIBand.


Oh and I also made a collection of flyers from races I’m considering registering for in 2012:


The timing of most of these is pretty damn close to NJ Marathon, so I don’t know how those plans will pan out. HOWEVER, I definitely have my eye on Dallas White Rock in December.

Despite today’s rain, tomorrow looks like a fantastic day for racing. 43 degrees at the start, sunny & 50 at the finish. Couldn’t ask for better!

Good luck to everyone running the full and half LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon tomorrow!!

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  1. i am braving the weather and crowds today to get my packet. the shirt this year is SO MUCH BETTER than last year’s!

  2. Agreed. I think I’ve only worn last year’s shirt once. It was super short!

    Good luck tomorrow!! 🙂

  3. Kick butt tomorrow! And show THAT hill / mountain who’s boss 🙂

    Love that picture of you and J!

  4. What a cool shirt!! And you got a free Spiband?? How awesome!!

    Hope you had a great race 🙂

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