3M Half Marathon Expo

The 2012 3M Half Marathon Expo was held at the Norris Conference Center off of Burnet Road. It was somewhat of a hidden location and it seemed both locals and out-of-towners alike had trouble finding it.


This was the first year the race featured an expo.



As was the case last year, packet pickup was quick, efficient, and pleasant. All volunteers were friendly and helpful.


The expo itself was quite small, and took only a few minutes to zip through the booths.



The Austin 10/20 race was offering a $15 discount on the registration fee. I unfortunately wasn’t able to take advantage of this deal because I had previously registered.


Also, I met up with these lovely ladies while I was there:


Me, Tricia, Lesley, and Courtney (thanks for the photo, Courtney!)

Okay, now onto the goods:




The contents of the bag were pretty similar to last years. As for the shirt, I’m not really a fan. It looks like an old, dingy white tee – when in fact it’s a pale grey color. I would have preferred a darker grey, with the race logo on the front, and the sponsors on the back. The “Fast. Easy. Fun. Run 13.1” on the front was clever, but seemed a little basic. Maybe I’m nitpicking. Overall, it wasn’t my favorite.

In case you missed it … 3M Half Marathon Race Recap

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  1. The shirts were terrible. And while I liked the cut/fit they were strangely short.

    And ugly

  2. Yeah, I agree about that shirt. Who makes a shirt that color? It looks like you accidentally washed it with something black. Although, it seems like they had some pretty awesome goodies in that bag! Much better than just a granola bar.

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