Five Things Friday

1. I am super stoked for the upcoming 3-day holiday weekend. Followed by a short 3-day work week, followed by a 4-day holiday weekend, followed by a 4-day work week. Oh, and I didn’t have to use a single vacation day! Seriously awesome.

2. I absolutely cannot wait to put on these gorgeous shoes. I got them from my parents a few weeks ago but I’m not allowed to run in them until Christmas. Since Sunday is a rest day, I’ll be taking them out for Operation Jack on Monday!

3. I made it into the championship game in my Fantasy Football League. It’s total points over a two-week span, but I’m already off to a great start thanks to Arian Foster.

Tomorrow morning I have a ZOOMA training run with Leslie, but afterwards I plan on making myself comfortable on the couch with a mimosa to cheer the rest of my fantasy team on!

4. I’m really excited to be participating in the Operation Jack Satellite Run for the second year in a row. It’s such a great cause and I love that the proceeds benefit the Operation Jack Autism Foundation and Train 4 AutismSam is an amazing person. With it being so close to Christmas, I probably won’t ever be able to make it out to CA for the half or full marathon, but it’s awesome that there is a satellite option!

Added bonus: check out this medal – it’s even bigger than Boston’s!

5. I am officially an Ambassador for ZOOMA Texas!

I was just notified this morning so there will be more details to come, but I feel so lucky to have been chosen. It will be an incredible opportunity and I cannot wait to become more involved in Austin’s running community while helping others train for the race in March!

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  1. What is Zooma? sorry! i think having a satellite is such a cool idea 🙂 have fuN!

    • Thanks Stephanie! It’s a women’s (although men are welcome to participate!) race series with locations all around the country: Annapolis, Cape Cod, Great Lakes, Atlanta, and Texas. You’re in the Boston area, right? You should check out the one in Falmouth!

  2. Those Brooks are SWEET! Did you customize them? I just wear solid black adrenalines. Now stained with some mud 🙂

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  4. Wonderful method to invest time in honoring the folks. Now, Can we get the Veteran�s Administration moving thus that these people may receive benefits as soon because they come house. It ought to be inside destination before they touch down in the US. It is a disgrace the method we treat the heros. Thanks for caring. Candace

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