Don’t bother wondering what recaper means or attempt to consult Google for a definition. I made it up.

Daily Mile sent me this email:


What they failed to recognize is my last logged workout was a damn marathon.

Which brings me to the title of the post: recaper. I could argue I’m still in recovery mode from the marathon and not in any specific hurry to jump back into working out as diligently as I had been. Although as Carly brought up yesterday, it’s race week (yet again!), so I suppose I’m tapering.

Recovering from one race + tapering for another = recaper.

I have a case of the taper crazies like you would NOT believe. You know, aside from actually wanting to run more during race week. Or run at all. I cannot stop thinking about this race, and it’s probably just as bad as the days leading up to Marines Corp.

I have opened my Pace Calculator app no less than 437 times since Monday.

I’ve been studying the elevation map:


and mentally burning the water stop locations into my brain

san-antonio-course-map is constantly open at work, on my laptop at home, and I’ve added San Antonio to the list of saved locations in the weather app on my phone.


I’ve reread last years recap to absorb any details about the course I may have forgotten. I’ve studied my splits from my three previous half marathons this year to see where I seem to hit the wall. This taper is consuming my brain!


I’m not really sure what’s going to go down in San Antonio on Sunday. I shouldn’t set goals for the race considering I am only two weeks out from my 26.2.

But I want to PR.

This shouldn’t be all that difficult considering my half PR is 2:38. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous to run side-by-side with Carly, Miss Speedy 2:21 PR.

We absolutely annihilated our 10k PRs at the beginning of October at IBM, but this is more than twice the distance. There’s no way I will be able to hold a sub-10 pace for the entire race. In order for Carly and I to both PR, we would need to maintain a 10:40 pace. Much more attainable, although still difficult. I haven’t exactly been training for speed lately, only distance.

And for Carly to knock yet another goal from her 2011 list, we would need to run San Antonio in 2:15, a 10:18 pace. Carly, I don’t know if my post-marathon legs can promise you this goal. But for you, I will try.

Like I said, I shouldn’t set goals. But I’m doing it anyway.


Goal A: Beat last year’s time

Goal B: 2:30 (11:27 pace)

Goal C: 2:25 (11:04 pace)

Goal D: 2:20 (10:41 pace)

One thing is for sure – I am so damn excited to run this race! It will be so nice to hit 13.1 and be DONE.


3 days til race day!

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  1. You’re gonna do great! With all the excitement, I can’t wait to read the recap 🙂 Good luck this weekend

  2. Good Luck Lady….I have total faith in a PR! Go out there and have fun…you got this!

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