Post-Marathon Revelations

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It’s officially been one week since marathon day.


Although I promised nearly everyone around me that once the race was over I’d end my incessant marathon talk, I’m still running my mouth about it. I love reading others’ running and spectating recaps and reliving each moment of the course as they describe it perfectly:

















Some runners upon crossing the finish line need a few weeks (or months) to let the memory of those tough miles fade away before they even start thinking about their next marathon.

I started thinking about mine a couple hours after I finished.

Marine Corps Marathon was such a learning experience for me. I learned the importance of proper fueling, the power of positive thinking, and the benefits of a successful training cycle. I’ve been thinking of how I’d eat differently (less Gu – more Shot Bloks), run differently (slow down more in the beginning miles) and train differently (add in a 22-23 mile run; focus even more on speedwork).


I am incredibly thankful I had such an amazing first marathon experience, and I’m looking forward to the next one. Here are a few races I have my eye on for 2012:

New Jersey Marathon – Long Branch, NJ – May 6, 2012


Marine Corps Marathon – Washington, DC – October 28, 2012


ING NYC Marathon – New York City, NY – November 4, 2012


Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon – San Antonio, TX – November 11, 2012


I definitely am interested in running NJ since I’ll be able to visit my family and friends while I’m in town. Not to mention the fact I won’t have to train through the brutal Texas summer heat.

I’m not ruling out a double marathon year either. One spring, one fall? It’s not impossible. I think if I choose to run NJ, I may try San Antonio for the fall marathon since it would be more cost effective than traveling to the other two. Not to mention that the lottery could keep me out of NYC.

But I’d really love to run Marine Corps again. Seriously, I cannot get over how amazing the course, Marines, and spectators were.

Ahh I don’t know! So many choices…

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  1. Yay fellow NJer. I did not even know about this one. I am up in MA and ran MCM too. i am excited to look at these other recaps. I love reading others. Hmm i just did a 18 miler race on LBI in NJ. It was tough because it was soo hot. This is interesting although I told my running buddy i would do vermont. I am thinking Vermont and Chicago but this nj thing hmm

    • I’m not sure what the weather will be like in May bc it’s been extremely inconsistent in recent years. I’ve heard great things about this race and it would be great to run in my home state 🙂

  2. Hey hey thanks for linking me! I’m definitely going to put my name in lottery for New York net year — hope I get in. I’m gonna go back and read your recap right now. I know, I can’t stop talking about it either! 🙂

  3. I vote MCM again, because I’m going to do it again next year! I wasn’t planning on it because I really want to run Chicago, but the race was so amazing I’m definitely going back.

    I’ve yet to stop talking about the race… my husband might kill me. Not stopping anytime soon though.

  4. What about doing the full for Austin Livestrong?! train during the fall/winter!

    • I haven’t 100% ruled it out, but if I run the Austin full I will have to start training, like, NOW. And I’ve got my eye on a shiny new half-marathon PR come January, so I think I’d rather focus on speed vs. endurance for now. Will you be doing Austin again?

  5. I love spring races because winter training > summer training in my book. For winter long runs, you can do them whenever, but in the summer you have to get up really early to beat the heat. 🙂

  6. Love this! Thanks for the linkup and huge congrats on your race!! MCM is definitely one of my favorites!
    Chels recently posted…Weekend at a Glance.My Profile

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