Marine Corps Marathon Playlist


Sorry Jenn, I know these countdowns freak you out!

Could this week BE any slower?


The past two days have seriously inched by and I find myself staring at the clock wishing desperately the time would move faster. Why am I so anxious?

Because it is finally MARATHON WEEK! I can’t believe it’s been eight months since that day I finally took the plunge and registered for my first 26.2.


I’ve had marathon on the brain practically every waking minute lately. Just when I thought there couldn’t possibly be anything left to ponder, I find myself debating GU vs Shotbloks, wondering if I will run with my camera, or how I’ll avoid hitting that dreaded wall.

My GU Sampler finally arrived today. The box was a lot smaller than I expected:


But the contents did not disappoint


That’s a lot of freakin’ GU.

I also received our metro cards:


And now I’m working on something VERY important: my marathon playlist. I don’t anticipate using my iPod until the later miles, but I need a great motivating collection of songs to help me power through.

Here’s a glimpse at part of it:


What are some of your favorites that you think I should include?

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  1. Haha, I’m starting to come to terms with the countdowns! 🙂 Still can’t believe I’m leaving tomorrow to head down there, I should probably start packing! And I need to sit and work on my playlist too, yikes!

  2. I have heard of about 7 people on your playlist. I might have to check out YOUR songs. Anything I will suggest will be lame stuff everyone listens to. Boo. Though, I always love Love Me or Hate Me from Lady Sovereign. That song still hasn’t gotten old to me.

  3. Um so I love your playlist & love that u like Pitbull too! 🙂 I like the song “Killin ‘Em” by Fabolous…it’s a great little confidence boosting song! Also “Rockstar” by Rihanna is one of my faves. I need one of those Metro cards! Smart!! 🙂

  4. I’m doing a post tomorrow with my marathon playlist – we have very similar tastes for running music!

  5. Good luck to you girl!!! You’re gonna rock it!!!

  6. Good luck! I always have Shipping up to Boston by Dropkick Murphy’s on my playlists. Another good band to check out is Superchick. Their song “One More” is pretty excellent for running too. Good luck with your marathon!

  7. Oooh gosh I feel the same way ahh!! Thanks for the songs!! I am doing both shotblocks and Gus!! Ah! Don’t run with the camera extra weight. See u soon

  8. Good luck, favourite friend! Kick some butt, and I’ll make sure we celebrate properly, when you get home 😀

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