Last long run

Marine Corps Marathon training is finally coming to a close! I woke up this morning at 5 ready to run. I then thought better of it and went back to sleep for an extra hour. Very wise decision.

I downed a glass of Gatorade, had an Apple Pie Larabar, and gathered everything I needed for my 8 mile run.


I flipped through Facebook while I was eating and noticed a post from the Austin Runners Club wishing runners good luck at the Frankenthon marathon.


Then it hit me: the running trail I was headed to was going to be occupied by marathoners this morning. I decided if it was too packed I would head downtown instead.

I pulled into Brushy Creek at 6:35 and luckily was able to snag a parking spot. While the temperature was a cool 70 degrees, the 85% humidity was unwelcomed. I pulled up the marathon course map on my phone to see which area of the trail the early miles of the race covered. Since they were headed towards the YMCA, I went in the opposite direction.

My goal was to run 8 miles with the second half faster than the first. I wasn’t concerned about pace; I just wanted to practice conserving energy.


My phone wasn’t a fan of the darkness, so it pushed back by producing crappy photos. You’re welcome.







The first few miles were definitely slow – two of them were at a 13 min/mile pace. I didn’t mind it though, because like I said, I wasn’t worried about my pace.

The trail was lined with mile markers for the race:


and there were water stations set up along the way:


I think it would be fun to run this marathon because I’m very familiar with the course. However, it’s 3 loops of 8.75 miles each. I feel like it would be mildly discouraging. Either way, something to think about for next year.

I was about half a mile from the car when my Garmin beeped at the 8 mile mark. Since I like to run nice round numbers, I decided to bump it up to an even 9.

Final Stats: 9 miles in 1:51:59 (12:26 pace)

  • Miles 1-4.5: 59:16
  • Miles 4.5-9: 52:43

Negative splits = success! Now I need to be able to execute that tactic during the marathon next weekend and I’ll be golden.



I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Are you running or racing?

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  1. Good Luck. Training and plan are coming in well. I neither running or racing. I”m being lazy. Back to the grind tomorrow as I prep for my last race in November.

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