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A few months ago I purchased the Brooks Ariel (affectionately referred to as the Geriatric Shoe) in attempt to correct my atrocious overpronation. Everything was going well until the mileage ticked upwards past 10-12 miles. The shoe is pretty bulky, and my legs started to push back once I was spending more time on my feet.

Since Road Runner Sports has an awesome VIP Program which offers a 90-day Wear ’em & Love ’em Guarantee, I was able to ship the Ariels back and receive store credit. By the time my return had been processed, I had already started running in a pair of Brooks Adrenaline from HCR. I used my credit to order the same pair in a different color to break in starting a few weeks pre-marathon. With my VIP discount I was able to get the shoes for $89.95 (from $99.95), plus free shipping, and I still had a $5 credit remaining on my account.

Exactly one week after my new Brooks had been delivered, RRS hit my inbox with a Top Secret Shoe Sale promotion. The shoes were now only $74.95 (sale + VIP discount). RRS happily agreed to credit me back the difference. Their customer service is phenomenal.

Just after lunch today I received yet another promotion from them: for four hours only, VIPs would receive 20% off any one item. I perused the website for a bit and came across something I could use the discount + my account credit for, and essentially receive for free:

The sampler includes 9 GU gels, 3 Roctane gels, 2 Electrolye Brew, 1 Recovery Brew, and 2 packets of GU Chomps. It came to $19.19 after the discount, so my $20 credit covered it perfectly.

After stocking up on my GU products, I headed to the gym to get in my 3 mile run.

I started & finished with a 5 minute walk. Here are my splits:

Mile 1: 10:14 (easy)

Mile 2: 9:23 (fast)

Mile 3: 8:46 (faster)

Mile 4: 9:48 (easy)

4 miles in 38:10 (9:32 pace)

Yeah, I wasn’t supposed to do 4 miles – only 3. I felt like I could push for another mile, so I did.

Last tempo run of MCM training = done.

What’s your favorite running fuel? Gu? ShotBloks? PB&J? Peanut butter filled pretzels?

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  1. Dang!! Awesome deal!! I use sport beans as fuel. They taste fantastic and are easy for me to chew when I run!

  2. I use Gu – Espresso flavor is my fav. If I am out for a super long run I might also snack on pretzels or half a Cliff bar.

  3. I take Gus – but I prefer Clif Shots and Honey Stingers. I JUST joined that VIP program (for my Mizunos) and so far I’m loving it!!

  4. Peanut butter pretzels. Well crap, this is something I have not thought of yet. Usually I do regular pretzels and PB&J – shoved in my shirt and it makes me look like I have boobs. So they benefit me TIMES TWO, baby.
    Maybe someday I will be able to eat sugar on a run cuz man it would be so much easier taking a damn gel. And easier to carry!

  5. I have always been big into running, and ran all throughout my school years. Now that I am an adult with a little child I love it even more. My favorite time of year to run is in the Fall when all the leave are changing and the air is cool 🙂 I put my daughter in the stroller and off we go! Hopefull this year we will get out and do a race 😉

  6. Thank you so much for this post, I’d just like to say that I choose to take Goo with me when I run. great job one your runs and getting in that extra mile! I am training for my fist 5k and I am so excited any pointers?? Keep up the great work

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