3 Miles for Lunch

I was slammed this morning at work. When I finally came up for air, it was already 1pm and my to-do list only 1/4 of the way done. The thought of eating lunch at my desk was incredibly unappealing – I needed to get out of the office. At 1:09, I grabbed my gym bag and headed out to Gold’s for a workout.

Since I was on my lunch break, getting in my planned 3 miles would be nothing short of a challenge. I had 60 minutes to get to the gym, change, warm-up, run 3 miles, cool down, change, and get back to work.

After 5 minutes of walking on the treadmill, I ran a warm-up mile in 10:30. Uh, since when are my “warm-up” miles at a 10:30 pace? Just a couple months ago I was using that as my tempo pace.

During miles 2 & 3, I ran 400 repeats with 400 recovery jogs. My recovery jog pace today = 400 repeat pace in the days leading up to IBM. Definite improvement.

Mile 2: 9:24

Mile 3: 9:03

Normally I’d wrap up the run with a slower mile, but I was pressed for time. I’ve always wondered if I could complete the 5k distance in under 30 minutes, so I pushed for an additional tenth of a mile and finished in 29:47. The pace I was running for the better half of the 3rd mile and final .1? 8:34

Surprisingly, my lungs did not explode and my legs did not detach themselves from my body. I really think I love speed work. Seeing results make those workouts so worth it.

Added bonus from my speedy run? I was able to be back at my desk by 2:08, one minute early.

Do you ever workout at lunch? Do you love or hate speedwork?


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  1. I think if I tried to work out during my lunch break i wouldn’t be able to get myself back into work! Great job!!

  2. AHHH! My favorite time of day to workout, and yet I do not have the time:-(
    My husband works in graphic design and his office is in a huge hotel with an amazing workout center. He has the luxury of working out during his lunch hour. Today, for example, he is taking a spin class. He is so lucky to have that at his fingertips!

    Great job on the speed by the way! You should be very proud that all your hard work is paying off!

    • Spin class at lunch sounds awesome. I wish I had a break long enough that allowed me to take classes! Thank you – I’m really glad that the speed sessions have yielded positive results, otherwise I think I might skip them altogether 😉

  3. I workout at lunch all the time. In fact, I just got back from a quick lunch run today.
    I enjoy speedwork when I do it but it’s rare these days. I mostly only do it on the treadmill to help make the time go faster.
    Good luck at MCM!

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