IBM Uptown Classic –Race Goals

On Sunday I’ll be running my second 10k.


My first 10k was this same race last year. I completed the 6.2 in a respectable 1:13:20, a mere two weeks after my first half marathon. I had no expectations whatsoever for the race – I just had my eye on the finish line.


This year will be different.

After (fingers crossed) finishing the Marine Corps Marathon next month, I have a future goal in mind: a new half marathon PR.

I’ll be following the FIRST plan again, and my first order of business is to race a 10k to base my training paces off of. Enter the IBM Uptown Classic.


I am confident I can PR in this race, but it’s uncertain just how many minutes I can shave off of last year’s time.

Goal A: Beat last year’s time

Goal B: 1:10 (11:17 pace)

Goal C: 1:07 (10:48 pace)

Goal D: 1:05 (10:29 pace)

I’ve been doing my fair share of speed workouts lately and I absolutely think these times are achievable. It all depends on the weather, what I eat beforehand, and how I pace myself. I hope the stars are aligned on Sunday morning so I can achieve that 1:05 finish time, but I will be ecstatic to simply just PR.

I’m excited to see how everything plays out after I cross that starting line.

Bring on the 10k!

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  1. Good luck on the upcoming 10k! I’m excited to see how that goes as I’m just starting to hit 10k distance on my long runs – it’s such a fun distance to do 🙂

  2. I am such a slacker. I need to catch up on you lady’s posts! You can totally PR and I agree – it has everything to do with the weather. I’m hoping for a PR in Vegas for the half in December. It’s cool then and my last PR it was 40 degree out at the start and my stomach killed me. So if I can get a good tummy and the same weather, I’m golden!
    I always notice doing sprints really helps me. Like, just going all out on the treadmill for 30-40 seconds. Then taking a break to walk for a minute. Then doing it again for as many times as I can stand it. I’m starting those up again this month!

    • Luckily for you, we’ve been slacking on the posts so you haven’t missed much 😉 thanks for the tip on the sprints! I’ll need to work them into my plan post-marathon

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