Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival 2011

After regrouping from an impromptu night out on the town, Sunday afternoon we headed downtown to Waterloo Park for the 21st Annual Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival.


The price of admission was 3 cans of non-perishables or a $5 donation to the Capital Area Food Bank.


I can’t even tell you how many salsas and hot sauces we tasted. There were red ones, green ones, fruit-filled ones, ones that tasted like marinara sauce, and ones with ghost peppers that singed our taste buds.


One of our favorites came from Indian Fig Offerings, Damas Ofertas Salsa, which will be coming to stores this November.


Indian Fig Offerings presents to you the magic of Opuntia ficus-Indica, better know as the cactus pear. Packed with the sweet flavor of the cactus pear fruit and other savory ingredients in the form of a brilliant salsa. I excitedly unveil to you Damas Ofertas Salsa in all of its magnificent culinary powers.



Some recommendations were to use it as a salad dressing, on sunny-side up eggs, and as a marinade for meats or veggies. Once she mentioned marinade, my mind immediately went to the pork chops I was cooking for dinner.




Another winner was Granddaddy’s Sweet Southern Heat hot sauce.


It was a similar to bbq, but thinner and with a kick. Pretty damn tasty. We bought that one too.


Two other items I wish I would have bought and didn’t: candied jalapenos & roasted pepper jelly from La Familia Salsa Company.




I was pretty excited when I saw they sold both online – until I realized it would cost me $11 for shipping. I should have just bought it today at the festival.

After we had had all of the salsa and sauces we could handle, we headed over to the voting tent to vote for our favorites:


Throughout the afternoon we desperately tried to stay hydrated, as Austin had blessed us with a stifling 111 degree day.


And Brad made his sling useful by transforming it into a beverage holder:


And on our way out of the festival, we further cooled down with shaved ice.




What’s your favorite hot sauce?

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  1. holy fun!! I never got to go to this while I lived there! BTW enjoy everything HEB has while you live in tx!

  2. Hot sauce festival?! I need this.

  3. oh what!! they have hot sauce festivals?! now that’s my kind of festival.

    i love hot sauces…LOVE ‘EM!!! the hotter…the better!!!

    my favorites are sriracha (aka cock hot sauce), cholula and the habanero hot sauce from hibiscus in oakland. gah i wish there was a hot sauce festival this weekend…i’d go CRAZY!!!

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