House Wine–Happy Hour

Sundays are usually a pretty unimpressive day due to the sadness of the weekend being almost over. The best way to combat these negative feelings is to schedule a blogger/Twitter meetup mid-afternoon. So that is what we did!




Carly & I met up with Brittany and Jeanette at House Wine, a small wine bar in downtown Austin off of Lamar. It boasts a fairly extensive wine list and various cheese options as well as hummus, olive spread, and a small dessert menu.



On Sundays, all wine bottles opened on Saturday night are served by the glass at half price. Brilliant idea. Just brilliant.



It wasn’t long before we were empty, and it was time for round 2.



Waiting patiently for the next glass…


The cheetahs were in their element; House Wine felt like home.



Hunger set in, and we did what any normal person would do: order a giant plate of brie, with brown sugar and almonds.


And then proceed to inhale it.


Absolutely delicious. I’ve never met a plate of brie that I didn’t like.


Lindsay met up with us as well, and after a bit of time passed by, everyone was ready to head home. We were excited to meet up with some fabulous ladies and enjoy affordable, delicious wine while having great conversation. All in all, it was an awesome afternoon.



Carly and I decided we still had another glass of wine to conquer, and another cheese plate (with gouda & manchego) to devour.




And then (because this seemed like another genius idea) we split one final glass of wine and ordered dessert.



A brownie sundae, drizzled with port wine. Fantastic!

Before our departure, we lounged on the patio a bit, savoring the last few moments of our weekend.



Carly posed with a cute little bird:


And we listened to this gentleman jam out on his keyboard:


We sadly left House Wine to head home. We couldn’t make it back to the house without stopping to pick up a bottle of wine to cap the night off with.

The party continued at the house:



And Bo showed his true colors


He won’t look at the camera because he doesn’t want to acknowledge that he has a drinking problem.


Got him. BO – WE’RE ON TO YOU! We know you love a crisp sauvignon blanc on a hot summer afternoon…


In true cheetah fashion, we’re now unwinding in front of the television. Watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Personally, I can’t decide which show makes me more ashamed to be a Jersey girl: Jersey Shore or RHONJ. Either way, it’s pretty embarrassing.

How do you survive the Sunday blues?

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  1. I have to start winding down at 6 or so on Sundays, otherwise I still feel super overwhelmed on Monday morning. That means computer off, breakfast/lunch for the next prepped and ready to go, and the final hours spent doing something super relaxing and low-key (or, ya know, a good sweaty run 😉

  2. Looks like so much fun!!! What a neat place. Wish I was there 🙂

  3. I’m so glad I could be there with y’all!!! Can’t wait for the next meetup and/or race! 😉
    Also, nothing wrong with RHONJ! Love that show! Record it every week.

  4. SO much fun! Love you ladies 🙂

  5. LOL. Ok, so I LOVE that you guys stayed there and had more wine. Then picked up more wine on the way home. Pretty sure you are the Texas versions of me and my best friend. Everyone has a double somewhere, right?
    I hate Sundays because I dread Monday, BUT I did have two whipped vodkas/diet Sunkists on your recommendation and HOLY beejeesus that is GOOD. My hubs was like, “Omg, why haven’t we had this before.”

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